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Use Web Design to Make Your Startup Stand Out From The Crowd Feb 03, 2023 06:02 PM
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Use Web Design to Make Your Startup Stand Out From The Crowd

Many startup businesses focus on creating an outstanding product that speaks for its value. However, they forget the importance of startup branding, which is crucial to their success. An astonishing web design is imperative to stand out from the crowd so that people can choose you over your rivals. 

Nowadays, web design goes beyond aesthetics and incorporates web apps, mobile apps, and user interface design. It mainly combines three essential elements, i.e., planning, conceptualizing, and arrangement of the online content. Web design also focuses on the website's functionality to improve user experience. 

While designing a website for your startup, it's essential to consider the site's functionality and visual appearance to beat your rivals. Moreover, it should be easy to navigate and have an excellent color scheme with well-written text to catch the reader's eye. Continue reading to find the best tips for designing your website in a way as to impact the user's mind instantly.

Tip # 1: Keep it simple.

Ensure simplicity and usability of your web design to facilitate users. Don't overstuff your site to confuse the audience. Instead, keep it simple and adopt a minimalist approach to gain the user's interest. Make your web design look professional by using a few colors, striking photos, and simple fonts. Simplicity has always worked for more prominent brands, including Apple, and there are plenty of reasons to keep your web design simple. For instance: 

  • It makes a better user experience, and they want to know more about you. 

  • It performs better on mobile devices and is responsive. 

  • It loads faster and leads to more conversions.

Create your brand identity with the help of using custom colors, favicon, brand motto, and your company's logo.
Tip # 2: Coordinate your colors.

Another tip to make your business stand out is coordinating your colors well. You can achieve it by adequately implementing color psychology while designing your website. Remember, colors evoke emotions and meaning subconsciously and convey a clear brand message. Therefore, you must choose the right colors to create brand recognition. The following tips can be a big game changer in creating your web design look more professional by aligning with your brand values. 

  • Consider the cultural context for color selection. 

  • Understand the color theory and choose the right colors for your site with the help of the color wheel. 

  • Create a color palette as per the targeted audience to draw their attention. 

  • Contrast your colors and integrate your branding.  

  • Consider your target population's age and other demographics to choose a suitable color scheme.

Tip # 3: Pick the correct fonts.

Incorporating typography in your user interface is best to positively impact the user's mind. Avoid unusual fonts that make a web design look bad. Instead, pick the right fonts that can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Use smart combinations and make sure your fonts are scalable. Here are some wise ways to pick the right fonts for your startup site. 

  • Focus on legibility and think from the customer's perspective. 

  • Define the nature of your brand and choose the fonts accordingly. 

  • Study the font classification and pick the right ones for your site. 

  • Combine primary and secondary fonts in the best possible way to catch the reader's eye. 

Tip # 4: Use High-quality images.

Images are essential for any site as they trigger emotion and draw attention. You can employ several options to include high-quality images in your web design. The first is to hire a professional photographer who can take plenty of good photos from which you can choose accordingly. The second option is using stock photos available on different stock sites. Whatever option you choose, make sure it's unique and not available on your competitor's site. Here are a few tips to make your images stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

  • Choose the image dimensions or product angles wisely. 

  • Resize the images as per the requirement to make them convenient for the reader. 

  • Pick a suitable image format and optimize your thumbnails. 

  • Use image sitemaps and beware of decorative images.

Tip # 5: Write Engaging Content.

Do not use clumps of text; fill the space on your site accordingly. Convey a clear brand message and do not confuse the audience by complicating things. Instead, keep it simple to have maximum customer engagement. 

There are numerous ways to write engaging content to impact the reader's mind. For instance: 

  • Make it easy for the reader to digest so he can confidently approach you. 

  • Use a style guide that matches your industry and add other colorful elements to stand out. 

  • Be audience-aware and speak in a friendly and professional tone. 

  • Utilize your keywords and add a call to action. 

  • Diversify your content by utilizing personal stories, blog posts, infographics, and new posts.

Tip # 6: Don't forget mobile users.

Statistics reveal that mobile users are the predominant visitors on most sites. Therefore, it's essential to think about mobile users to create a responsive web design. Nowadays, web design has to be mobile-friendly so that there is the ease of accessibility. This way, you can easily allow users to stay connected to your brand without being frustrated or annoyed. Think deeply to enrich the user experience and make your web pages mobile-friendly. The following tips might help you in doing so. 

  • Avoid fancy design elements or cluttered web design. 

  • Pick a mobile-friendly blog theme and focus on website speed optimization. 

  • Implement a responsive layout to stand out from your rivals. 

  • Keep testing your site on mobile devices to improve user experience. 

  • Avoid popups and incorporate the Viewpoint meta tag. 

  • Use recommended size dimensions for mobile and optimize for portrait mode. 

  • Create responsive video splash screens to engage viewers.

Final Words:

Lastly, create your brand identity with the help of using custom colors, favicon, brand motto, and your company's logo. It can help you grow professionally, and prospective customers will remember you when they see your pages again. Hopefully, we have brought some startup web design inspiration, and you'll implement it with full zeal and determination. 


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