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Digital Marketing for Social Justice

Digital Marketing for Social Justice

How to Use Your Platform to Make a Difference? 

Online platforms dominate most major narratives from Paris Fashion Week and climate change awareness. The world is becoming dependent on social media and other online platforms as a solution to exchange information. The platforms allow consumers, businesses, artists, and virtually everyone to engage in conversations. 

 People are also using these platforms to express their concerns, making online media an important social justice platform. Even businesses use social justice in marketing to make a difference with these platforms.  

Learn more about how you can also embrace digital marketing for social justice here to make a difference: 

Understanding Brand Activism  

About 70% of consumers want businesses and brands to take a stand on political and social issues.

Corporate or brand activism has become a common term for describing a company's practices in engaging in any social justice initiative. The practice can be anything from donating to charities to campaigning for different social issues or launching their preferred social justice campaign.  

Brand activism is often a way for companies to demonstrate their values and social commitment.  

At activism’s core, businesses consider it an attempt to nurture an emotional connection with their potential consumers. Businesses and brands engage in social justice events to demonstrate that they use their platforms for change.  

How have brands embraced marketing for Social Justice? 

How brands and businesses talk to their consumers has significantly changed. An evolution in digital marketing has already been underway due to this change. This shift in consumer interaction is mainly because of increased social consciousness.  

Consumers are increasingly invested in and aware of various social issues. Therefore, they want their favorite businesses and brands to share the same values.  

According to research, about 58% of brands championing these social causes on social media platforms are #1 for receptivity among potential consumers. 

The fashion industry was amongst the earliest to adopt social activism. That's why multiple fashion brands have been associated with different causes of social justice. The most prominent of these social causes the brands stand for include: 

  • Racism 
  • Environmentalism 
  • Animal rights 
  • Philanthropy 
  • Sexism, and more.  

Most top-notch fashion brands, have social justice campaigns. These campaigns show their support for a particular social cause.  

These digital marketing for social justice campaigns may also take the form of a public campaign. Brands use social media and other online platforms to share awareness and stand by their values.  

Why do businesses opt for Digital Marketing for social justice? 

Brands and businesses at present shouldn't hesitate to take a stand. They can use their digital marketing strategy to raise their voice for social justice and prove their responsibility and credibility to their potential consumers.  

There are various benefits to incorporating social justice in your digital marketing practices. Do you want to learn some of these? Let’s have a look at the most important benefits we enlisted below: 

  • Positive brand image  

Businesses and brands use digital marketing for social justice to create a positive image for their company. Taking a stand on one or more of the important social issues helps businesses and brands to demonstrate that they are highly committed to making a difference by raising their voice.  

digital marketing for social justice
  • Attract more consumers toward your brand  

In addition, digital marketing for social justice has become one of the best social media marketing and branding techniques over time. The practice helps businesses and brands attract consumers who share the same values. Consumers also prefer supporting businesses that work hard to make a positive impact in the world using all their resources.  

According to a research study, Millennials who participated in that study have the highest rate of expectations (64%) for businesses and brands to take a brave step to speak out for social justice issues. 

  • Increased brand visibility  

Besides that, social justice-based digital marketing campaigns can also help businesses to boost their brand visibility. Fashion and other brands can engage themselves in different public campaigns. The practice will ultimately help them to increase their brand visibility and reach a wider audience. 

Fortunately, digital marketing for social justice is particularly helpful for all sizes and types of businesses. Speaking about social justice issues can help businesses to foster trust and loyalty among their consumers. The practice will ultimately lead to long-term positive relationships with potential customers.  

Strategies to incorporate social justice in your Digital Marketing.

Always remember that silence isn't the solution anymore. According to 46% of people, brand activism can result in credible change. 

Certainly, businesses can incorporate social justice in their digital marketing campaigns in multiple ways. However, we have listed a few important ways you must consider. 

So, here we go: 

Understand your audience.

The very first step of developing digital marketing for a social justice campaign is understanding the interests of your potential audience. Try to find out which social issue they are more interested in discussing. Perform thorough audience research to understand their motivations and thoughts regarding a specific social issue they are most interested in.  

Gathering as much data as possible and relying on insights can be a powerful option.  

Understand your audience

Get clarity with your digital marketing for social justice goals.

The next important step is defining the SMART goals for your digital marketing for social justice campaigns.  

  • Describe the social issues you would discuss with your digital marketing campaign.  
  • Understand what type of digital marketing results you want to achieve here.  
  • Also, define how these goals correlate to the social issues you want to run your campaign about.  
  • How will your digital marketing for social justice campaign contribute to your potential audience's equity, dignity, and well-being?  

Remember to consider all your marketing campaign's possible positive and negative impacts. This practice will help you mitigate any possible harms or risks of the campaign effectively.  

Create your content strategy accordingly.

The next step is to develop your digital marketing message for social justice campaigns. How you communicate your social message will also impact the success rate of your digital marketing for social justice campaigns. Keep your digital marketing for social justice campaigns persuasive, clear, appealing, and relevant without crossing honesty, respect, and ethical boundaries.  

Don’t use guilt, shame, blame, and fear tactics in your digital marketing for a social justice campaign. These tactics can often backfire and may cause resistance, harm, or resentment.  

Instead, use positive emotions and spread awareness with your content.  

Key components of authentic content marketing for social justice 

  • Understand the cause of the content you create for a particular social issue. 
  • Create content to share your strong brand values and show how you stand by these.  
  • When associating your business with any social cause, show your commitment to that cause.  

Choose preferable channels to incorporate social justice in digital marketing.

Choosing the right channels to incorporate social justice in digital marketing is imperative. A preferable option is to take any social justice problem to your social media channel. Social media channels host millions of users and can make it easier to raise your voice and spread your social message.  

All these steps can help you create effective and efficient digital marketing for social justice campaigns. However, you must track your digital marketing results for social justice to see how they are performing. This practice will also help you understand any possibility of improvement here.  


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