Fueling Sales Growth and Brand Awareness in a Matter of A Few Months   30 Aug

Fueling Sales Growth and Brand Awareness in a Matter of A Few Months

Mr. Lorenzo is a highly sought-after real estate agent in the area. He is well-known for his dedication to his work and because of the great offers he gets for his clients. He has been in charge of well-established and worthy properties in Seattle for several years. 

He reflected on how to make it easier for him and his team to sell properties as quickly as possible to achieve their goals of helping homeowners. Initially, he went with the traditional method of using flyers, referrals, and meet ups, which is impractical due to pandemic. He realized that those approaches were exhausting, ineffective and cumbersome. 

With the help of digital experts at Vigorant, we introduced him to social media marketing. We also paid advertiser marketing platforms to help Mr. Lorenzo's company, strengthen brand recognition, and stay ahead of their competitors in the real estate market. By implementing strategic campaigns tailored for this company, we were able to double their social media reach and sales in just a few months.   


Mr. Lorenzo's main concern was to adopt innovative strategies to boost their company's name to attract potential buyers and sell high-end properties at the best price. Looking back on how he dealt with his previous strategies, it significantly increased the progress of his sales and got his brand to be known to a large number of people.   

The client needed assistance with the following:   

  • Introducing his business into social media marketing platforms   

  • Boosting online presence      

  • Targeting maximum potential buyers   

  • Increase sales    


The team started by testing a variety of strategies in social media creatives. We developed an excellent combination of content that delivered the most viewership in terms of the social media fan base, which began increasing engagement rates of posts. Due to the pace at which people consume content on social media sites, making real estate property photos and information viral is easier than on other channels. This is why we were able to upload new photos and engaging content frequently.  

Another tool we used to achieve our intent-based target was Google Paid Ads. This is where we target potential buyers looking for keywords related to home selling or real estate. it also gives authority over how the marketing budget is spent.  

Our digital experts developed and executed the following strategies:    

  • Keyword research   

  • Targeting In-Market audiences like New Houses for Sale, Life Events – Purchasing Homes, and Custom Intent Real Estate 

  • Competitor Analysis   

  • Facebook and Instagram Placements    

  • Posting Engaging Content 

Vigorant digital marketing experts implemented these powerful strategies to successfully achieve remarkable results.    

The Outcome:    

The company increased its Facebook and Instagram reach within three months by implementing creatives, social media content, and blast posting.  

Furthermore, due to the powerful and relevant keywords in Google Paid Ads, we recorded 54,670 impressions with 286 conversions (leads).  

By using these platforms for the company's campaigns, their revenue increased by +1,127%. 


These campaign strategies play a significant role in increasing the sales of a company. For example, social media contents like graphics, images, quotes, and short video clips are quick ways to catch the attention of many social media users and get hooked on the importance of buying quality homes. Plus, the Google Paid Ads make it easier to target specific buyers to see the client’s website and connect to agents.   


Vigorant is a full-service digital marketing agency for some of the industry's biggest and best organizations and services. We are happy to offer the services that will benefit you once you choose us as your digital buddy!   

*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality.   

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