Optimizing Digital Marketing Strategies for Customer Increase and Higher ROI 30 Aug

Optimizing Digital Marketing Strategies for Customer Increase and Higher ROI

Dr. Wu isa well-known physician who moved, from Austin, Texas, to Aurora, Illinois, in 2008. He bought an established medical practice in a small building on the outskirts of town. He hired a website development company to build him a website, and he signed contracts with local magazines and newspapers to advertise his practice. He also tried out local radio advertisements on one occasion.  

He noticed that the market had become even more competitive five years later when A large hospital building was built by a chain health provider. He decided to spend more money on traditional marketing channels. He hired another marketing firm to redesign the Website and start SEO services. This decision improved the situation, but the return on investment was meager. He had to pay a large sum of money to get a new client, which is not a good move to take.    

Our digital marketing experts at Vigorant Inc. reached out to Dr. Wu and offered him a free assessment along with an overview report to help him analyze the current state of his business and what's the best action to take.   


Dr. Wu wanted to attract more clients without spending a lot of money, because the competition was getting fiercer, especially now that a major hospital was built nearby. The client needed assistance with the following:    

  • Website redesigning  

  • Attracting more customers   

  • Creating Brand Awareness  

  • Increase in ROI 


The marketing experts at Vigorant came up with excellent solutions to these problems.  

  • To begin with, a professional website design was created to optimize the brand from its traditional marketing methods. Dr. Wu requested that the Website be redesigned, which gave his brand a better first impression and established a consistent brand identity. For easy navigation, relevant landing pages were also created. Choosing to redesign his company's website made it easier for him to add new features in the future.  

  • Next, Vigorant advised him to invest in paid advertising to help him increase his ROI. We chose this service because his business was in Aurora, a small town near Chicago, where people typically search for doctors using terms like "doctor near Chicago," "doctor in Chicago," and "Chicago doctor."  

Using these generic terms can boost brand awareness and increase book appointments. Dr. Wu can reach out to people looking for doctors using paid advertising and target people in Chicago. We used relevant keyword searches to make it easier for visitors and potential patients to find his website.  

We also did a Display Campaign to target specific people in Chicago. This allowed his business to display the campaigns through well-known websites like https://wgntv.com/https://abc7chicago.com/, and so on.  

Following strategies were implemented by our team:     

  • Redesigning a professional and creative website   

  • Introducing Search and Display Campaigns  

  • A/B testing of campaigns  

  • Keyword Analysis  

We were able to target more customers and increase the Return on Investment by combining Website Redesigning and Paid Advertising strategies. 

The Results:    

Because of its equipped, convenient, and modern design, the company could stay ahead of the competition after redesigning its website.  

His book appointments increased by +99% within two months of using the paid advertising channel. 


The client was extremely pleased with the results of these campaign strategies. Within a month, the campaigns brought in more customers to the business and increased his patient's appointments. He's also getting referrals from these patients, which has more than tripled his revenue. He is now confident in his rapidly growing and thriving online brand. 


Vigorant is a full-service digital marketing agency for some of the biggest and best organizations and services in the industry. We are happy to offer the services that will benefit you once you choose us as your digital buddy!   


*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality.   

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