Rebuilding a Brand's Online Reputation Using Latest Marketing Approach 30 Aug

Rebuilding a Brand's Online Reputation Using Latest Marketing Approach

Atty. Smith is a prominent family attorney in Los Angeles, California. He has been in the legal profession for a decade and has been dedicated to providing his clients with prompt and personalized legal services. He's also known for his dedication to the advancement of his craft.    

Atty. Smith takes an active approach to each case and deals with it strategically. Despite being highly professional and exceptional in his services, he ended up with a few unhappy customers. Those customers left negative reviews, which damaged his reputation. 

Atty. Smith sought our assistance to save his name and reputation. At Vigorant Inc., we created a carefully planned marketing solution for him that helped him rebuild his online reputation, establish credibility, and gain more clients.   


The client reached out to us to resolve the issue of negative feedback of his previous clients. The client was willing to discuss solve the matter with those who have had a negative experience and help them. In this way, he would be able to clear his name and allow us to rebuild his tarnished reputation. The client required assistance with:  

  • Rebuilding his reputation  

  • Acquiring new customers  

  • Get more positive reviews online  

The priority was to effectively deal with the negative reviews and increase the number of potential clients.    


Our team created a well-crafted response that demonstrates the firm's willingness to correct or explain, and we replied to the reviews online. We reached out to the previous clients, apologized and offered to resolve the issues. 

We helped the firm to evaluate how this situation would benefit them in a good way. Our goal here was to turn all of the negative feedback into something positive. Building a reputation online requires significant effort, and our approach was to demonstrate to the public how the firm takes full responsibility and resolves the issue professionally.  

We lessened the damages of these negative reviews by offsetting them with the positive ones. This way, we were able to gain more clients while also ensuring that they are satisfied with the firm's services. We encouraged his regular clients to write reviews about their positive experiences. We also used a platform to make feedbacking easy for them so they won’t need to get into the hassle of giving extensive reviews.  

The team also partnered with well-known lawyers' website directories such as and to help promote his image.  

During this entire process, our digital experts implemented the following strategies:   

  • Resolved the negative reviews online  

  • Strengthened the client’s image  

  • Crafted personalized emails  

  • Posted informative contents  

  • Collaborated with top legal directories  


By following the steps, our client was able to outweigh the negative reviews with the positive ones.  

90% of the customers gave positive feedback, and since then he has been receiving up to 20 new referrals every month.    


We were able to assist Atty. Smith in resolving the problem with the aid of these innovative solutions. A solid internet reputation helped him acquire new customers, and his audiences were impressed by how effectively he addressed consumer complaints regarding his service. Now that he seeks out a professional team and works with Vigorant, he is able to stay up with the competition. 


Vigorant is a full-service digital marketing agency for some of the industry's biggest and best organizations and services. We are happy to offer the services that will benefit you once you choose us as your digital buddy!    


*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality. 

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