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9 Best Social Media Marketing Practices for Law Firms


Law firms are mostly skeptical about using social media to uplift their brand. They are also doubtful whether social media marketing would benefit them. There is always a fear of leaking sensitive information through social media platforms. Law firms shouldn't share daily court happenings and case-sensitive information on social media. But this doesn't mean that social media is useless to law firms. Social media marketing can help law firms connect with their future clients and has a great potential to bring a higher ROI (Return on Investment). 

The American Bar Association (ABA) reports that over 80% of law firms maintain a social media presence. At the same time, 29% of these attorneys said client retention is because of social media. The report further states that around 77% of legal professionals use social media for their career development.

Does Every Law Firm Need to Be on social media for Branding?

Having a social media presence is worth it in today's digital world. However, let's talk about numbers to clarify this point. According to a famous study, 81% of lawyers use social media for professional growth. 77% of such professionals claim their firms are also on social media to reach more clients.  

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), most members use social media platforms to be known. Around 75% use LinkedIn to reach out to clients, 26% are active on Facebook, whereas 10% have a Twitter account. The report further states that law firms maintain a code of conduct on social media platforms so that it should harm no social media activity.

Social media marketing is a brilliant way to connect with your targeted audience. If you are active on social media, clients can easily reach you.

Importance of social media for Law Firms

New client acquisition is the most significant challenge that small law firms face. Social media helps to maintain a brand presence for law firms and establish networking. Every time you post on social media provides a chance to interact with your potential clients. It helps you gain clients' trust and acquire new clients. Nowadays, legal consumers turn to social media to ask for recommendations. They check online reviews before approaching a legal company. So, if you have a solid social media presence and positive reviews, you can add more to your business. There are many other advantages of social media marketing for law firms. For example: 

  • It helps to connect strong client relationships. 
  • Social media is a budget-friendly marketing technique that gives guaranteed results.
  • It strengthens your thought leadership and appealingly promotes your firm. 
  • You can analyze your competitors to gain your competitive advantage. 
  • It generates more inbound traffic for your business. 
  • Improved brand loyalty is another significant advantage of using social media.

Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

If you are already using social media or are new in this field, do not forget to endorse these practices in your law firm's marketing plan.

Doing so will bring more clients to your business with promising results. Let's discuss best practices for your law firm's social media marketing.

Educate Your Audience Many people are struggling with answers to relevant legal issues. They also need some reassurance through online channels. Social media marketing helps to build trust and promote awareness. As a law firm, you must educate your clients on social media platforms and solve their minor issues. For this purpose, blog posts and informative video content can play a significant role. 

Search Your Firm-related Conversations Check what others are saying about your firm with the help of mentions. Mentions in social media is a term that helps you understand your firm-related conversations. It is one way to get instant feedback about your law firm and enables you to grow properly. 

Ensure a Good social media policy No one can predict a social media crisis. But as things are constantly changing on social media, you must ensure a good approach. Your social media policy should be well-compliant with your advertising rules. It should highlight your firm's internal communication plan to be better prepared for change and adoption.

Be an Early Adopter Social media is continuously evolving by launching new features. Being an early adopter of such changes can help you get recognized in your industry. If you can be creative, you can easily stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Leverage Keywords and Hashtags The first 48 hours are crucial in making or breaking the ice. So, whatever you post on social media must be dealt with caution so that you can make the most out of it.

You must incorporate hashtags and keywords in a balanced way. Their overuse would irritate the clients, and you'll lose their attention. A simple tip is to search the hashtags and keywords before using them. It will give you great insights from the consumers' perspectives.

Follow the 70/30 Rule Social media marketing for law firms needs a delicate balance between promoting their services and posting valuable content. The 70/30 rule states that 70% of your content should provide value to the customers. In contrast, 30% should reflect your law firm's services with a profound call to action. Adopting the 70/30 rule will have long-term benefits for your law firm. It will neither fill your social media feed with too much educational content nor display plenty of promotional ads.

Check Your Competitors Social media lets you know what your competitors are doing. See their strategies and gain valuable insights to gain your competitive advantage. Analyze the knowledge gap and educate your audience accordingly.

Follow Social Media Compliance Social media compliance is essential to understand what to post and what not to post. You must follow the compliance rules to assure the confidentiality of your legal clients. Your law firm shouldn't leak case-sensitive information to abide by the compliance rules and regulate the business accordingly.

Consider Using Social Media Management Tools Having outdated social media posts will cause a significantly lose of credibility. Therefore, you must ensure that your social media content is regularly updated. However, you might not have sufficient time to update the information. In such a case, social media management tools can significantly help. Use these tools to stay consistent with your social media feeds and have significant results.

Wrap Up

Social media marketing is a brilliant way to connect with your targeted audience. If you are active on social media, clients can easily reach you. Nowadays, people turn to social media to make better decisions based on other people's experiences. Social media can bring more clients to your law firms. However, you must have a sound social media marketing strategy to stand out from your competitors.


Social Media Marketing For Law Firms

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