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How SEO Works For Doctors? Everything You Need to Know About.


A survey conducted in 2017 shows that 97% of consumers prefer to find local businesses online. Moreover, 12% of those people searched for local businesses every day. Hundreds of search sessions on Google are conducted within one minute and are responsible for 94% of organic traffic generated. It's common for people to find a local doctor or healthcare provider, so the importance of SEO for doctors is increasing. 

SEO is not an option or a buzzword anymore. It is an essential part of the marketing plan for healthcare providers determined to generate more revenue through qualified leads. 

So, ask yourself, "is your website for medical practice on the first page of search results for your specialty keywords?". If NO is your answer, then you are surely losing money.

Why Is SEO For Doctors Important?

Below are some reasons which make SEO essential for the success of your medical website. 

  • Get a higher ranking on search engines for keywords of medical conditions and treatments that are your specialty. 
  • Attract the Traffic of your top competitors' websites. 
  • Without using paid ads or marketing tactics, attract more patients. 
  • Get more positive reviews from new patients. 
  • Get more patient appointments and leads monthly. 
  • Maintain the reputation of being the best doctor in your field and region.

Search engine optimization can give your patients the information they seek and help get more patients to your website.

6 Effective ways to get the highest Search Engine Ranking

Your medical practice website should be on the first page of search engines when potential patients search for the services or treatments you offer. With SEO for doctors, you can improve your reputation, attract patients, and optimize your marketing expenses. Here is how you can do it.

Have A Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile friendly website is essential for SEO. Ensure your website appears good on all smart devices like tablets and phones.


More than 62% of internet users prefer to use phones or tablets to access the internet. Therefore, you will lose most of your patients if you do not have a mobile-friendly website. 

Have A Fast-Loading Website

In the 20th century, people could wait five or more minutes for a simple picture to load. However, internet users are more demanding now. They want websites to load within a few seconds. Thus, potential patients will leave if your website is not loading fast. 

Tips To Increase the Speed of Your Website 

Some of the common ways you can improve your website's speed are. 

  • If you have large files, images, and videos, you can speed up the processing of these files. 
  • Remove any coding that your site does not require. 
  • Enhance hosting speed. 

Pay Special Attention to Quality Content

Content is essential for the successful results of SEO for doctors. We know that patients are always looking for answers. Thus, medical professionals can share content on their website with all answers that patients need. Moreover, websites with the best quality content consistently rank higher on search engines. 

Ways To Improve Content Quality on a Website 

  • Always provide useful and to-the-point content. 
  • Use effective titles and subheadings to let readers know what you are discussing. 
  • Know the questions or concerns about patients' practice and share the information accordingly.


  • Avoid mistakes and write as simply as possible so everyone can easily understand your knowledge.

Optimize Target Pages with Keywords

Make sure to effectively use your keywords on tiles of target pages so patients will be intrigued to click on them. Moreover, write interesting descriptions and titles because that is the first thing visitor will check to have confidence in your website. 

Do not scare your visitors away with a huge bundle of information. Keep the content short and engaging by adding images and videos. It will keep the readers engaged and increase the conversion rate. It would be best if you assured that readers would never lose interest and leave. 

Increase Traffic with social media.

By increasing the traffic to your site, you will positively impact the SEO. 

  • Social Media Profiles 
  • Newsletters 
  • Marketing Is Important 
  • Check Performance Through Google Analytics 

You need to know whether your SEO campaign is performing perfectly or not. Google Analytics can help you in the process by giving the following information. 

  • Pages that patients are not interested in. 
  • Webpages on which patients leave the site. 
  • The number of visitors you are having. 
  • Most popular pages of your website. 
  • Your site's main traffic source can be social media, organic, or ads. 
  • Other statistics which can improve SEO and ranking of your site.

Final Words

A huge percentage of potential patients prefer to search online to investigate and read reviews of a doctor before they can finalize their appointment. Therefore, with SEO for doctors, you can give your patients the information they seek and build their trust. Moreover, it will help increase your patient number and online image as a professional physician.


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