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Pro Tips on How PPC Marketing Benefits Law Firms


Traditional marketing is losing its charm as more people rely on the internet to search for a lawyer. Marketing statistics reveal that around 57% of the global population research best attorneys online before approaching them. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing model is one of law firms' most rewarding marketing methods. 

Here, advertisers pay every time their ads get clicked, which is an excellent way to generate leads. It allows lawyers to reach their target audience quickly and efficiently. Do you own a law firm and looking for the best PPC tips to improve ROI (Return on Investment)? Then, continue reading to get pro tips to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

PPC Marketing: Interesting Facts and Statistics

Every digital marketing platform is worth it in the current age. However, PPC marketing is the best way to bring in new business. Here are some interesting facts and statistics about PPC marketing for improving client acquisition. Analyzing these will help you in choosing PPC marketing over other marketing platforms. 

  • 75% favor paid search ads over websites or search engines. They say it's easier to find specific information through paid ads. The paid searches directly address the client's needs by resolving his query instantly. 
  • Google Ads receive 65% of the clicks, whereas search engine optimization only receives 35%. 
  • A company increased its PPC ROI 2.5 times with Facebook remarketing. 
  • Paid ads increase brand awareness by up to 80%. 
  • 93% of Americans find local businesses by searching the Web. 
  • 65% of the customers click on PPC ads. 
  • Google owns 92% of the global search market share as of 2021. 
  • Display advertising has the potential to increase website traffic by 300%. 
  • PPC converts much better than organic traffic. 

PPC requires less effort than SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is more likely to generate leads for your company. Having said that, why not invest in a PPC marketing campaign to have a better functioning ROI?

Why Should Lawyers Start PPC Marketing?

There are several benefits of PPC marketing for your law firm. PPC marketing gives you complete control over your ad spend, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Some other notable benefits of PPC marketing are listed below: 

  • PPC marketing enables you to track your ads and refine your marketing strategies. 
  • It helps brand recognition, which is excellent for your company's online reputation. 
  • You'll see the benefits of PPC advertising soon after you launch your campaign. 
  • You can set up PPC within no time, and it will help you reach your ideal clients. 
  • You can still compete with your rivals even if you do not rank higher on SEO.  
  • PPC marketing can help you gain a competitive advantage even if you have just launched your website.

Pro Tips for Better PPC Campaigns for Your Law Firm

PPC advertising allows legal practitioners to run targeted marketing campaigns for lead generation. However, the legal industry is becoming more competitive than ever. PPC costs have gone higher because more prominent companies spend more on advertising. It becomes challenging for local law firms to get a better ROI in the competitive market. However, despite these challenges, you can still achieve better results. 

As a law firm consultant, you might think, is PPC marketing worth it in such a scenario? The answer is absolutely yes; however, you need to follow pro tips in this regard. It can help you achieve your marketing goals within no time. Here is a brief guideline to expand your outreach and make the best of your PPC marketing campaigns. So, let's get started.

PPC marketing saves a lot of time and energy through automation features.

Focus On Audience Targeted Strategy

It's common to get lost in the sauce of keywords while managing a PPC campaign. However, you can still master the art of identifying your perfect PPC target audience by keeping the following points.  

Focus on keyword targeting. Determine the right keyword match type and also add negative keywords. 

Target outside the search engine. Targeting by topic helps in driving greater awareness of your legal services. Start with a general or broader issue and make it specific to identify the target audience. 

Use demographics, psychographics, firmographics, and user intents to find your target audience. 

Also, target by placement. It will allow you to target specific locations to promote your law firm.

Focus On Quality Score

The ad's quality score helps evaluate your PPC campaign's multiple aspects. It tells you about the quality of your written ad copy and gives numerous insights for improvement. Then, it helps gauge whether your ad is relevant to the selected audience. Writing a generic ad copy would be useless as it won't target a specific audience. For instance, your ad might be reaching just 10% of the population you want to target. Now, a big chunk is missing because of writing a generic ad copy. Therefore, you must reinforce your marketing efforts and write specific ad copy to improve the quality score.


The ad's quality score will also inform you about the landing page. From there, you would assess whether the landing page is relevant to the ad copy. These factors can be a big game changer for your marketing plan. Analyzing them would bring positive results for your law firm's PPC marketing

Act-On Google Recommendations

Google provides expert recommendations with the help of artificial intelligence and machine involvement. It makes it easy for advertisers to know what works and doesn't. 

These recommendations would help reduce your CPC (cost-per-click) and bring better results for CTR (clickthrough rate).

Optimize for Voice Searches

Voice searches are becoming more popular than ever. Therefore, you must focus on optimizing your PPC campaigns for voice searches. Voice search optimization allows you to get a chance to increase your brand awareness. 

The voice search device reads the page if you optimize for voice searches. It will boost the legitimacy of your law firm to get better recognition in the eyes of your prospective clients. 

Be Prepared for Virtual Reality A PPC campaign with a virtual reality experience would bring about excellent results. The user will get a better feel of the service, boosting his confidence and trust. It would be best to meet your prospective clients in a mixed-reality teleconference to impact their minds powerfully.

Final Thoughts

PPC marketing saves a lot of time and energy through automation features. However, it would help to be careful about audience segmentation and overall PPC strategy. If you conquer these two, it will reduce the ad's cost, and you will stand out in the law firm industry.


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