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Video Marketing for Startups: Usefulness and Pro Tips


Anyone who has tried to launch a startup can relate to the fact that it's challenging to start and grow. The survival of any startup heavily depends on quick, revenue-generating actions. Investors want big money on their returns, and the startup's funding will dry up without results. In addition to launching a great product, you need a sound marketing strategy to stand out. You shouldn't miss video marketing in carving your marketing plan. 

Video marketing is essential for every industry, including healthcare, technology, eCommerce, delivery service, artificial intelligence, etc. It's because people like to see videos, which have a considerable impact on their minds. Reading plain text doesn't work for everyone, and many people find images and videos more understandable than other modes of content. 

Video marketing plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of any startup. Recent estimates show that 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. It supports the fact that there are over 244.4 million digital video viewers in the US alone. Another statistic reveals that the demand for video content is increasing more than ever before. More than 73% of consumers say that their purchasing decision heavily depends upon video content that they see. Moreover, video is their favorite type of content and is a powerful marketing tool.

Does Video Marketing Beats Conventional Marketing?

Video marketing beats conventional marketing tactics in several ways. For instance, video marketing brands have 49% more chances of increasing revenue than non-users. Visitors to a website are up to 85% more interested in buying a product or service based on the video content they see. Similarly, 62% of the masses say they are more inclined to buy a product they see on a Facebook story. It implies that video marketing is a popular tactic to impact people and their buying decision.

Video marketing is one of the best marketing tactics that generate powerful results. However, you also need to track those results to improve your content. When you conquer it, you'll generate more leads, conversions, and revenue.

Top Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing:

Video marketing should be incorporated into your marketing plan so that your startup can grow massively. Here are a couple of reasons that instigate the importance of video marketing for aspiring startups. Let's get to know these.

  • Boosts Customer Acquisition Video marketing helps in precision targeting, where startups have more chances to increase customer acquisition. Video marketing also aids in creating different videos for different audiences and as per the channel's requirements. For instance, there could be product tutorials on YouTube or how-to videos for people who like to do something by themselves. Similarly, there can be humorous or behind the scene, videos to endorse a brand's recognition. 
  • Easy to Understand Videos are visually easy to understand than writing content. A study says that around 65% of people are primarily visual learners. It means that one good video is worth a thousand words. 
  • More Customer Engagement
  • You already know that video marketing is an imperative way to endorse your brand. Video marketing readily engages customers and builds strong associations with a product or service. Many brand videos use the conditioning process to evoke a positive response. Now, let's talk about the strategy and best tips.
  • Answer the 5Ws
  • A startup must answer the 5Ws so people can understand what you are trying to sell. These include: 
    • Who: Find your target audience and have a relevant communication strategy. 
    • What: See, what are you going to create? Understand the fact that people do not want to see meaningless stuff. Your videos must tell a story. 
    • When: You must figure out when you'll post about your brand. A consistent approach is best, especially in a startup phase. Posting good videos more often to catch users' attention. 
    • Where: Find out where you'll post your content. There are multiple channels, and you must tailor your videos to the channel's requirements. 
    • Why: Here, you need to know your goals for brand endorsement. For instance, it could be more brand awareness, generating leads, growing organic traffic, and the like.
  • Present Your Expertise to a Wider Audience
  • Successfully reaching a wider audience helps generate leads and more revenue for your business. Here are a few tips for presenting your expertise to a broader set of audience: 
    • Choose a specific keyword to build your videos around it. People readily see that video when searching for something specific that's also in demand. 
    • Promote your videos on YouTube and other channels. Also, incorporate them in email marketing to reach more people. 
    • Get branded and use Instagram and Facebook stories to endorse your brand. 
  • Invest In Live Videos
  • Nowadays, live videos are creating a new trend for business growth. Recent estimates suggest that live videos generate more than 13% of web traffic, which is still growing. Therefore, you shouldn't lose this opportunity, as live videos would cost you nothing. However, the results would be actual and more than you expected. 
  • Conduct webinars and product demos on Facebook live to catch more audiences. This way, you'll feel more personally connected with your audience. Also, it will showcase your brand and reveal its human side. If you can answer users' questions, it would be a plus to endorse your brand. 
  • Shoot Testimonials
  • Word-of-mouth marketing works for brands, no matter how new they are. Testimonials are essential to impact new customers. Shooting testimonials will generate a positive response amongst people interested in your services. Online customers trust people more than brands; therefore, you must talk to the buyers and have their interview session online. 
  • Testimonials boost credibility and drive the trust of every startup. A pro tip in this favor would be to invest in user-generated content than professional videos. Such content would endorse the authenticity of your brand in the eyes of new customers. 
  • Support Your Marketing Campaign with a Social Influencer
  • Take the help of a social influencer who can positively impact people's minds. Video marketing, when combined with a social influencer, gives powerful results. Find someone who: 
    • Has a good reputation. 
    • Share the same values as your startup. 
    • Resonates with your target audience.

Concluding Thoughts

Building a successful startup without a good marketing campaign is almost impossible nowadays. You should have an effective marketing plan to reach out to the masses and enjoy your business stability. Video marketing is one of the best marketing tactics that generate powerful results. However, you also need to track those results to improve your content. When you conquer it, you'll generate more leads, conversions, and revenue. Why not introduce new ideas with captivating videos to enhance your brand recognition and earn more profit?


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