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Ways in Which Email Marketing Can Benefit Law Firms


Some law firms still doubt the power of email marketing and are unaware of its effectiveness. Email marketing is estimated to generate a 4200 ROI, which means 42$ for every 1$ spent. It educates the users about legal topics that matter to them and is a perfect way to share information about a law firm. Sharing educational information with actual or potential clients can build trust with a law firm.  

Email marketing for a law firm can add multiple benefits regardless of size. Statistical data reveals that 80% of professionals prefer email over other modes of business-related communication. At the same time, 59% of marketers accept the power of email marketing for every business or industry. Discover more about email marketing to grow your law firm. Also, do not forget to incorporate it into your marketing plan.

Does Email Marketing Benefits Law Firms?

Many reasons indicate law firms should favor email marketing. Instead, combining it with other digital marketing tactics would be best to extend the outreach. The top benefits of email marketing for law firms include:

Convenience Email marketing is highly convenient for lawyers to inform people about the latest updates. It is a time-saving digital forum that helps to reach several people simultaneously.

More Outreach Email marketing fosters engagement with actual and potential clients and builds trust in your firm. It nurtures client relationships and reaches the right people at the right time.

Connects with the target audience Email marketing allows you to segment the email list. In doing so, you can control the targeted audience and directly communicate with the clients.

Email marketing directly impacts the reader and helps you stay on top of their mind.

Practical Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers or Law Firms

  • Write And Automate Follow-Up Email Drips Drip campaigns to reengage dormant audiences and generate a positive response. It also builds a relationship with your clients and supports behavior change. Invest in writing automated emails and follow-up email drips for unresponsive leads. Drip campaigns work with a targeted message at the right time. You can educate and onboard the audience so that they can engage with your customer service. 
  • Focus on Call to Action
  • Add smart calls to action and avoid placing too many in a single email. It might confuse the user and doesn't maximize the likelihood of conversions. Your call to action must reflect the goal of each campaign so that it catches the reader's mind. 
  • You must create a compelling and copy-clear call to action for the email recipients. For this, you can adopt the following practices: 
    • Use action verbs and indicate urgency. 
    • Be specific and impact the user. 
    • Make it brief, simple, and attention-grabbing. 
    • Have a great subject line, and make it personalized. 
    • Inspire the reader to book a meeting.
    • State the benefits of your call to action and end with an explicit ask. 
  • Include Testimonials
  • Include brief testimonials from referral clients with whom you have worked. It will encourage new clients to believe in your service. Testimonials play a significant role in standing out in a crowded marketplace and help build trust and credibility. 
  • Testimonials offer social proof of your previous successful cases and encourage clients to approach you. Here are some of the effective ways to include customer testimonials in your emails: 
    • Utilize user-generated content to impact new clients. 
    • Send video testimonials in your emails to gain the user's attention. 
    • Share complete client stories and case studies to evoke the user's emotions. 
    • Wisely utilize the testimonials to meet your marketing goals.
  • Educate Your Audience
  • Nowadays, users have time constraints and are likely to discard things that are longer or seem unattractive. Instead, you can use infographics to educate your audience. Even if you aren't good at using infographics, you can hire a specialist to do the task for you.   
  • Your newsletter should be engaging, thought-provoking, brief, eye-catchy, reader-focused, and with a clear call to action. A regular newsletter in the same pattern won't surprise the clients. Therefore, spice up your newsletter with fascinating things to generate an adequate response.
  • Combine Other Marketing Channels with Emails Email marketing is potent and might yield great results. However, combining other marketing channels to complement email marketing for your law firm is always good. It might include various channels like content marketing, social media, or text message marketing. It will expand your outreach and make your firm visible on multiple platforms.

Email Marketing for Law Firms: Dos and Don'ts

Did you know the average time spent reading an email is 11.1 seconds? It's surprising; however, it indicates that you must use email marketing wisely. Therefore, knowing the dos and don'ts of email marketing beforehand is always good. Here is a brief guide in this regard to facilitate you. 

  • Offer something valuable: The first rule of email marketing is to offer your clients something useful. So, they love seeing your emails. Get them involved, provide educational content, and focus on clients' needs. 
  • Work smarter, not harder: Do innovative work and make your emails impressive and captivating. Avoid sounding automated or dull, and give a personal touch to your emails. Don't waste your time on unqualified leads.  
  • Collect and track your data: Almost every email marketing platform allows tracking the data and seeing whether clients open, click, or delete the emails. Try to keep checking this sort of data to gather essential insights. These insights will help your firm grow sustainably.
  • Don't delay: Timing is critical when converting internet leads. Therefore, do not delay and reach out to your clients right away. Otherwise, you might lose ample opportunity and won't beat most lawyers. 
  • Don't be like everyone else: Don't think and be like everyone else. Think outside the box and be different from the rest of the crowd. Inspire the audience to look into your emails and connect with them. 
  • Don't select a weak subject line: The subject line is essential to impact the user's mind. Make it solid and noteworthy so the user can keep reading the entire email.

Final Words

Online marketing for law firms is becoming more popular than ever. However, many law firms still rely on word-of-mouth marketing or referrals. Email marketing sits at the intersection of these two areas and brings a high return on investment. If done rightly, email marketing directly impacts the reader and helps you stay on top of their mind. What else do you want when you can easily track your ROI and directly reach out to your clients, prospects, and referrals?


How can a Law Firm Benefit from Email Marketing?

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