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A complete guide on how Doctors can increase their Patient Ratio with Social Media Marketing.

A complete guide on how Doctors can increase their Patient Ratio with Social Media Marketing.

The success of the medical practice and this profession relies on communication. In the old days, most things were communicated in person, but today social media helps simplify things, and social media marketing for doctors is highly beneficial if done right. Today, most doctors know they can increase their patient ratio using social media marketing. 

However, they usually do not know how we will guide you through implementing social media marketing for doctors.

How can Doctors increase their Patient Ratio with Social Media Marketing?

Below is our step-by-step guide on how doctors can increase their patient ratio with proper social media marketing techniques.

"Social media is not just a platform for easy and simple advanced online marketing; it is also the voice of your brand that speaks to your audience and builds lasting relationships." - Kim Garst

  • Start by creating an online presence on all Social Media platforms.

The first step of this process is creating an online presence on all social media platforms. Today, there are different platforms for different types of content. Being available on all of them means you are providing all sorts of information for the kind they want. Some of the social media platforms that you can start with are:
   Pinterest, etc.
While creating accounts on these platforms, having a standard username/handle is better. It will make it easier for patients to find their professional accounts easily. 

  • Design your strategy with the proper goals.                                  

Creating social media profiles is not enough, as there must be some strategies to post on those platforms along with specific plans to meet. With millions of people using different social media platforms, there could be many potential customers that you can reach out to with proper social media marketing for doctors.
When setting up your strategy, you must promptly get your content to the target audience and not concentrate on other audiences that will waste your resources. When setting up your social media marketing strategy goals, you must follow the SMART framework that will simplify the process.

  • Work on your audience groups.                                                      

The next part of this process is about knowing the audience. Every type of doctor has a different target audience for some specific types of patients. For example, a child specialist will usually not get patients over 20 years old. Similarly, a plastic surgeon will usually get patients over 25 years old. To shortlist the group of audience, you can use the following analytics: 
   Age range
   Average income 
   Occupation and working field 
   Geographical location 
Having your strategies working according to these insights will help you always focus on the audience you can turn into customers. 

  • Competitive research can help a lot.                                              

Social media marketing for doctors is not all about how you manage things on your end. You can look at your competitors' actions and learn to form them to become even better. If you have competitors currently dominating the market, you need to identify them and then grab all the relative information about their strategies.
After processing all this information, see what you are missing in your social media marketing strategy and design a better, more effective, and stronger strategy. One of the best things this practice will do for your business is to provide the correct tags and keywords for online usage.

  • Share valuable content on your profile and engage with the public.                                                                                

Your doctor's social media profiles must not be like your doctor's website. Instead, it must be much more engaging for the visitors, and the only way to make it engaging is by uploading exciting content on the profiles. Different social media platforms go with several types of content. So, work on this and create content accordingly.

Creating content valuable for your customers will make them engage with the posts. Whether it is a comment or a query, you can reply to that to enhance your engagement. In this way, all the visitors on your profiles will consider them active, which will have much better effects on your image as a doctor and as a business.

  • Review and monitor your accounts.                        

Social media marketing for doctors will need a lot of effort but making them only once is not enough. You must review everything to see where there is room for improvement. While reviewing your accounts, you may check up on the following things:
Which strategy is good, and which can be improved?
How can my content engage more people online?
Is my valuable content for the audience? 
How do I compete with my competitors in the digital market? 
How many goals are achieved, and how many are left? 
What to do next to make the account even more effective?  

  • Make your accounts visible through proper promotion.              

The last thing that you need to do is to promote your account. If you do that right, your ad will appear in front of someone who may need your services. Every platform today has this option to promote content and accounts shown to the target audience as Sponsored posts. 
While it may not be that effective with a website, doing so with your social media accounts can be extremely helpful for booking appointments, event reminders, and more.


Social media is one of the most vital tools of this age, and it can help every field of life if used correctly. While patients want to develop a relationship and understanding with their doctors, social media provides the right platform for both parties. This way, patients can have answers to several queries about a doctor before visiting them.

Social media marketing for doctors is essential to increase the patient ratio in this digital age.


Social Media Marketing Tips for Medical Doctors

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