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Guide on how to get, manage, and share patients' reviews for the chiropractic business.
Guide on how to get, manage, and share patients' reviews for the chiropractic business.

Online patient reviews are imperative for chiropractic marketing. This practice helps convince new patients to your chiropractic business and existing ones to return.  

So, you must make your patients write a review and tell others about their experience. Regardless of the chiropractic marketing ideas you use to get more patients' reviews, you must manage each review carefully. Even one unmanaged negative review can damage the reputation of your chiropractic practice. 

Key Statics on the Importance of Patients' Reviews  

When a potential patient wants to book your chiropractic services, they will use patient reviews as a vital tool to determine your service quality. Patients' reviews must be an essential part of all chiropractic marketing ideas because: 

  • About 92% of new consumers prefer reading reviews of a local business before contacting the company.  
  • 88% of consumers consider online reviews personal recommendations for a service or business.  
  • Consumers read 10 online reviews on average before trusting any local business.  
  • According to 71% of consumers, they are likelier to trust a business that responds to their existing customers' reviews.  
  • For 35% of consumers, one negative review is enough to avoid a business.  
  • 89% of consumers read businesses' responses to their customers' reviews before making any decision.  
  • Above all, 72% of consumers prefer to visit an office with positive online reviews and ratings.  

These figures are certainly enough to understand the importance of patients' reviews for chiropractic businesses.  

How can online patient reviews help your chiropractic marketing? 

Whenever potential patient considers getting chiropractic services, they prefer looking at your patients' reviews to determine your reputation and service quality.  

  • Online reviews from your existing customers help them to know if they are satisfied with your care and services.  
  • Positive online reviews from existing patients help in fostering trust.  
  • Besides that, positive patient reviews also boost your SEO results. These reviews can also influence your rankings in SERPs.  
  • Chiropractic businesses with more patient reviews typically get higher ranks in search engines.  
  • Moreover, you can also use patients' reviews, either negative or positive, internally for your chiropractic practice enhancement.  

Ultimately, all these aspects will impact your likelihood of attracting new patients to your chiropractic office.

How to get and manage patients' reviews for the chiropractic business? 

Chiropractors are more commonly good at marketing themselves than other healthcare sectors. In this digital age, getting reviews from your patients is imperative to boost your online presence and credibility.  

Here is how you can receive good reviews and manage which ones are best to share:  

  • Ensure provide high-quality and satisfied patients experience  

Before asking about patients' reviews, focusing on providing a quality and satisfying patient experience is vital. A quality patient experience will automatically compel them to write something good about your chiropractic practice.  

Here is how you can offer a great experience to your patients: 

  • Keep your chiropractic service clean, welcoming, and comfortable.  
  • Offer some reading materials to the patients in the waiting room 
  • Reduce waiting time as much as possible between appointments.  
  • Use advanced chiropractic equipment.  
  • Explain to your patients their health problems and their possible treatments. 
  • Offer them a flexible payment option whenever possible.  
  • Politely answer the concerns or questions of your patients.  
  • List your chiropractic business on review websites 

Most patients prefer reviewing your practice on social media channels and online review websites. 

  • Set up your business accounts on most of these platforms and let your patients share their experiences and reviews on these channels. 
  • Establishing your profiles on these channels will let you manage reviews more appropriately.  
  • Moreover, it will also help your prospects better understand your business offers.  
  • If you already have created your profiles on these channels, keep your business name identical and contact information updated for more benefits.  
  • Handle your chiropractic business reviews politely

Assign someone to handle patients' reviews and manage the entire review process effectively. This will ensure your chiropractic practice gets the most out of its patients' feedback. A majority of review websites allow management to respond once per review only.  

So, leaving a quality response to each patient's review is critical.  

Rely on the right person only to respond to your chiropractic practice reviews. Always remember: 

  • You must keep your tone polite, understanding, and helpful.  
  • Your business representative must empathize with the situation of the patients.  
  • The representative must be patient and listen carefully to the concerns and conditions of the clients.  
  • You must provide appropriate recommendations and solutions to resolve their problems.  
  • Keep your attitude positive while responding to the reviews of your patients.  

All these practices are vital to managing and sharing quality reviews about your practice only.  

  • Ask your patients about their feedback

Asking your patients for a review personally is highly fruitful. For instance, if your patient compliments your services and staff, take this opportunity as a queue to ask for an online review.  

Politely ask them to leave a review online.  

You can say something like; we're glad our service has made you feel better; we would love to get an online review about your experience here.  

Simply making a request to your patient about leaving an online review will make a significant difference.

  • Make it easier for patients to write a review

If your patient has to take fewer steps to leave a review, they will certainly write an online review for your chiropractic website.  

So, whenever you ask your patients about giving an online review, provide them with a direct link. Ideally, you must set up a link or QR code to make the review process a walk in the park.  

  • Send an email to your patients for a review request  

Emailing your patients every couple of months is usually a practical idea. This makes you continue to become relevant to your patients.  

Fortunately, you can also use email to ask your patients for feedback. Don't forget to add a direct link in your email to make it quick for your existing patients to leave a review.  

If you have a long list of patients, you benefit from email marketing tools.  

  • Quickly respond to every patient's review

Potential patients trust those businesses that actively respond to their reviews more. So, responding to every review as quickly as possible is vital. Check review sites, social media accounts, etc., for new reviews.  

Let your patients know you appreciate their efforts and are happy to hear from them about their positive experience with your chiropractic practice.  

  • Post your patients' reviews on social media

A little effort can go in a long way. Turn your patients' reviews into small graphics. Share these on your social handles, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Quote reviews from your existing patients and promote them consistently.  

This will encourage more of your existing customers to leave a review about your chiropractic practice. At the same time, positive reviews about your practice will encourage more potential patients to book their appointments.  

  • Address negative feedback appropriately

Everyone can have a bad day; the staff at your chiropractic practice is no exception. Regardless, you should always be well-prepared to address negative reviews about your practice.  

A good system to follow a negative review is: 

  • Respond to a negative review in a very timely manner  
  • Be apologetic  
  • Give them an offer or solution based on their complaints 
  • Be positive 

Getting, managing, and sharing patients' reviews are vital to chiropractic marketing for enhanced credibility and a better online reputation.  


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