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How To Deal With A Bad Review From A Client


As important as reviews are for small businesses as well as large businesses, there are occasionally times when a disgruntled customer or client leaves a bad review. The big question becomes what to do in this situation. In short, there are a few steps that every business owner should take in order to properly deal with a bad review from a client.  

For example, one of the first steps is to reply to the review as quickly as possible if there is a provision for replying. This is important because it allows third parties viewing the bad review to see the other side of the story. Simply stated, by leaving a reply to a bad review you are able to let prospective clients and customers know what actually happened from a different perspective. State the facts and show that a bad review is not necessarily accurate if there are indeed flaws with the review. 


By leaving a reply to a bad review you are able to let prospective clients and customers know what actually happened from a different perspective.


Dispute The Bad Review


This helps customers and clients to have a more unbiased view of your business or company. In addition, there are certain instances depending on where the review has been left where a company or business owner can dispute the bad review and eventually have it removed. While this is somewhat of a difficult process and can be time-consuming, it is a good way to right a wrong. If your company or business has been unjustly accused or blamed or just poorly represented by a bad review this is a good option. Keep all the facts in order and make the necessary phone calls and send the necessary emails to dispute the bad review as a way to eventually have it taken down from the Internet.  

There are even businesses online that specialize in this type of work. If you are too busy to address a bad review directly simply hire a third party to dispute the review and eventually have it removed. While there are no guarantees that a poor review will be removed, it is still worth trying. 


Common Sense Approach 


Finally, any time a company receives a bad review they should consider the contents of the review and see if there is anything that can be corrected in the company to ensure that no other bad reviews are posted in the future. While this is a common sense approach to dealing with bad reviews, surprisingly, many companies continue to do the same things that caused the initial bad review. Play it safe and always address bad reviews in order to keep your company’s reputation in good standing on the Internet. Contact Vigorant today for more information on how to deal with a bad review from a client. 


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