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How To Monitor SMM Campaigns? What Should You Be Tracking?
How To Monitor SMM Campaigns? What Should You Be Tracking?

It is essential to monitor your SMM Campaigns to know what people are saying about your brand, products, and customer service. SMM monitoring gathers valuable insights that can help you gain your competitive advantage and uncover mistakes to improve your campaigns. As a marketer, it is imperative to monitor your SMM Campaigns to know what's going on and what could be done to strengthen your campaigns for better results.

Campaign monitoring helps identify troubles in the first place and prevents you from a social media crisis that can undermine your efforts. Moreover, it tracks the reaction or response rate from the customers' side. It informs you about the awareness and reputation change over time.

Monitoring Guidelines for SMM Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns are generally monitored in two ways, i.e., campaign-focused metrics and ongoing analytics. The former helps to understand the impacts of targeted initiatives and varies for every campaign you launch on social media. In contrast, the latter helps to track activity over time and is particularly useful to monitor your campaign's overall performance regularly. An effective way to monitor SMM campaigns is done by including both campaign-focused metrics and ongoing analytics. Doing so will help you know what works for your brand and how to eliminate obstacles if there are any. Moreover, it will provide great insights to perform better in the future. Here is a 5-simple step formula to monitor your SMM campaigns with ease.

1. Choose An Appropriate Social Media Monitoring Tool.

Whether you choose Hootsuite, Reddit tool, Reputology, or any other monitoring tool, make sure it addresses your requirement. A good tip in this regard is to shortlist a few monitoring tools and choose the one that suits you the most. Once you are done with this step, move on to the second step.

2. Brainstorm Your Search Terms Accordingly.

The second step is brainstorming your search terms by using words or names that people mostly use when talking about your brand. Here are some wise tips for adopting:

  • Define your goals and study your niche thoroughly.
  • Make a good list of relevant topics and take help from the seed keywords.
  • Finding help from keywords research tools can also be a plus at this stage.
  • Study the research intent, expand your research using industry hashtags and identify long-tail keywords.
  • Also, find out your competitors to make a detailed analysis afterwards.

3. Set Up Your Searches In The Monitoring Software.

Setting up your searches in the monitoring software will depend on the tool that you use. If a tool offers saved and simultaneous searches, it's an excellent tool to consider. If you have to search your competitor's name into the Instagram search bar every day, for instance, it can be not very pleasant. It is always good to study your monitoring tool in a detailed manner to set up your searches correctly.

Campaign monitoring helps identify troubles in the first place and prevents you from a social media crisis that can undermine your efforts. Moreover, it tracks the reaction or response rate from the customers' side.

4. Check Your Streams Regularly.

Once you are done with the above three steps; now, you need to check your streams regularly to monitor your SMM campaigns effectively.

5. Revisit your search terms and adjust them whenever required.

After you have monitored your campaigns for a few weeks, you need to revisit your search terms and see whether they are going fine or not. If not, you might adjust your search parameters, especially if you get too many irrelevant results.

Few Campaign Monitoring Tips to Get Better Results

To achieve better results for your SMM Campaigns, we have listed some tips and tricks to monitor them effectively.

  • Keep a soundtrack of posts that mention your brand.
  • Use social monitoring tools for accuracy. Choose the one that matches your needs and budget.
  • Do a competitor analysis while you monitor your campaigns.
  • Observe your results and carefully choose your keywords.
  • Also, look for irrelevant results to have a practical approach for monitoring data.

Which Social Media Media Metrics Are Good For Tracking?

You need to measure social media metrics correctly to track your campaigns effectively. A good tip is to start before launching your campaign on social media to have benchmark numbers. Moreover, you can easily see the impact of your work afterwards. Here are listed some social media metrics that can bring valuable results. However, it would be best to clarify which metrics worked for you and choose them accordingly.

  • The Volume of Mentions

This metric will let you know about the number of times your keyword and hashtag are used online. If your brand's hashtag is frequently used, it will generate more brand awareness over social media.

  • Sentiment

This metric is a valuable source of your campaign's success. It reflects how people feel about your campaign and their interest level. Analyzing this metric will help you in gaining positive engagement towards your brand.

  • Social Media Reach

This metric lets you look at how many people have seen your post. It is a basic metric that rightly assesses brand awareness and gives accurate numbers.

  • Top Public Profiles

This metric is a goldmine of knowledge and provides excellent insights about public profiles talking about your brand or service. It is specifically helpful to run an influencer marketing campaign over social media.

  • The Share Of Voice

This powerful tool is a measure of your brand's reputation. The higher the share, the more people will trust your brand. This metric directly translates the number of followers, impressions, and engagement level.

  • Follower Growth

Other valuable metrics for tracking your SMM Campaigns are listed below:

1. Social ROI

2. Hashtags

The social ROI identifies how a company's capital resources create value for the chosen community. It works on a principle-based method that measures the extra-financial value. A hashtag analysis tool is good to track your campaign's performance. It also provides good insights into your audience and competitors.  


Reliable and consistent analytics help measure your progress rate. However, you need to measure your results regularly to be a better social media strategist. It can help you get a better ROI for your brand. Campaign monitoring requires diligent effort. If you pair it with advanced social media monitoring tools like Keyhole or Hootsuite, it can assure your business growth.

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