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How to Monitor Your Campaigns


Well-crafted Google ad campaigns bring in more clients and help in lead generation. However, it is vital to monitor these ad campaigns to establish a better online reputation and understand users’ behavior. Moreover, monitoring ad campaigns helps manage the finances better and create a remarkable landing page for the audience. The most significant advantage of monitoring your ad campaigns is having a focused future strategy which leads to more sales. If you are looking for the best ways to monitor your campaigns; then let's scroll down the information below.

Monitor Your Campaigns with This Simple Process

Though pay-per-click is an excellent way for online advertising, it can also cause some confusion. That is because you are not sure whether the money you spent on Google ads is worth it or not. So, to monitor your campaigns effectively, it is good to check the status and effectiveness of your Google ads by signing into your account.


  • Once you sign in, click on the campaigns tab displayed at the top. From there, go to the ads tab on the next page. Here you will come across three important tabs, i.e., status, average CPC (Cost-per-click), and CTR (Click-through rate). With the help of these three tabs, you can easily monitor your Google ad campaigns.
  • The status tab displays statuses like eligible, approved, under review, site suspended, pending, paused, etc. These depend upon the functioning of your ad. This tool also helps to check the effectiveness or health of your ad. To monitor your ads, do not forget to check their status off and on. It will allow you to gather important insights into your ad’s visibility.
  • One tool that aids in monitoring your Google ads campaign is the average CPC. This feature displays the total cost of the clicks your ad has received. It divides the total cost of the clicks by the number of clicks to get the average.
  • Another important tool for monitoring is CTR. This number lets you know how often users are clicking on the ad that you have displayed. A general rule is to check if this number is below 1%. If this is the case; then it means your ad is not up to the mark due to which, it might not be reaching the right audience due to its lack of effectiveness. Therefore, have a close eye on status, average CPC, and CTR to get the best results.

The most significant advantage of monitoring your ad campaigns is having a focused future strategy which leads to more sales.


Best Ways to Track Ad Campaign’s Performance

Statistics play a crucial role in tracking the campaign’s performance. For running successful ad campaigns, it is imperative to analyze statistics coming along your way. It is better to organize key statistics into a spreadsheet to know what works and what doesn’t. Monitoring the statistical data will help you understand the best patterns for running ad campaigns. Moreover, they will assist you in allocating suitable funds for maximizing clicks, conversions and minimizing cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion. Here are the three best tips to properly track your ad campaigns:

  • Customize the Columns
  • One of the best ways to track your ad campaigns is to customize the columns. These customized columns show percentages of total impression share that your ad gets—the higher the rate, the better the result. Customize your columns to include Search Impression Share; Search Lost IS for budget, Search Lost IS for rank, and Search Exact Match IS.
  • The higher percentage of these columns (Search Impression Share and Search Exact Match IS) indicates that viewers view your ad more often. A search impression above 90% share means that your ads are mostly displayed and seen by viewers. A low percentage of Search Lost IS (for budget and rank) is a good sign. It means that viewers have not missed out due to the low positioning or budget of your ad.
  • Record the Total Clicks
  • When you record the total clicks for your ad campaigns, you can better view the trends daily and weekly. Moreover, it gives you the power of insight to closely monitor what is suitable for your campaign and what’s not. Therefore, it is best to record the total clicks, average CPC, average position, CTR, etc.
  • Take Help from the Keywords Tab
  • Click on the Details menu and Select “All” on the keywords tab under “Search Terms.” A list of all the actual search queries will be displayed in the second step. At this level, you can view what people are searching for most. You can also add negative keywords based on this information to filter out irrelevant impressions and clicks.


Final Thoughts

Though monitoring ad campaigns requires good analysis and statistical skills, you can still master it with patience and persistence. A pro tip is to make notes to track whenever you make any change to analyze the campaign’s overall performance. This tip will help you correct analyze what works for your campaign and what isn’t right.


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