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Types of Google Ads Campaigns


Google Ads Campaigns operate on the PPC (pay-per-click) model. Marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to reach out to customers and get lead generation for brands. It is a game-changing move that can quickly become something so big that one can never imagine. This article is about the types of Google Ads Campaigns along with their benefits for marketers. There are four types of campaigns that Google currently offers. These four types are explained below.

Campaign Types in Google Ads

Campaigns in Google Ads help to organize the product or services that a company offers into separate categories. It is a way of marketing in which bids are made by targeting a specific keyword. The campaign ads have many benefits. For instance:

  • The Google Ads campaigns increase brand awareness in the eyes of the customers.
  • These campaigns attract more people towards a specific business, and the business only must pay when people click on their ads.
  • The ad’s effectiveness can be reviewed and checked frequently on one’s dashboard.
  • Google-generated performance insights allow you to monitor your ad’s efficiency, which further helps to improve its functionality.


1. Google Search Ads

The Google Search Ads are a great way to impact the minds of the buyers, primarily if the right keywords are used concerning the buyer’s intent. A brand’s visibility can be increased by investing more while bidding for keywords in this campaign type. The following tips are beneficial if considered to increase more sales from this campaign type:

  • Write a compelling ad copy by focusing on the text or write-up as these ads are without any visuals, so the only effective source is the text.
  • Use specific information rather than going into generic details.
  • It is good to bid on the branded terms to appear more visible to the audience. Also, do not forget to target your competitor’s branded terms for gaining customers’ trust.

2. Display Ads

The Display Ads Campaign has great potential in creating excellent brand awareness. These ads are image-based and appear whenever the customers are browsing their favorite websites. They can also appear when people are signed in on their Gmail account while using apps of their choice. These ads help introduce your brand and can readily impact people looking for a particular product but haven’t made a search yet. A few tips to generate more sales via display ads are:

  • Google recommends using responsive display ads for its adequate placement on various forums that the customers are fond of using.
  • Do not mix new users with the ones who already know about your brand. It’s good to introduce your brand to new users but take special care of those who have already visited your website. For remarketing about your brand, give a clearer message to the audience.

3. Video Ads

This campaign type is best used for launching a product or service in front of a relevant audience. The video ads are placed both in the search results as well as on YouTube. These ads provide the best opportunity to launch ads as many people prefer to use YouTube to watch videos. Based on what they watch on YouTube, you can target potential customers with ease. It is recommended to use video ads with a combination of display advertising. The best practices for video ad campaigns are:

  • Specify your target audience for better results. It is good to create separate video ads by targeting specific keywords, demographics, or topics.
  • A short ad is better than a longer one. Remember that people’s attention span for watching the video ads is seconds; therefore, make a short ad.
  • Use a direct form of communication with your audience to create a powerful ad. Also, encourage them to share your brand’s ad with their loved ones.

4. Shopping Ads

The shopping ads display information about the product along with the product’s image. These ads significantly trigger customers’ purchasing behavior even before they visit the official store of a brand. The shopping ads are best for boosting more traffic to e-commerce stores and eventually boosting their sales. A few tips to enhance the efficiency of shopping ads are below:

  • The product details must be keyword-rich with honest and precise product descriptions.
  • It is always better to double-check the product details to avoid any ambiguity.
  • High-quality pictures with clear backgrounds are one of the great ways to enhance sales.

Google Ads Campaigns operate on the PPC (pay-per-click) model. Marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to reach out to customers and get lead generation for brands.

5. App Ads

The app ads help to create app promotion ads on YouTube, Google Search Network, Google Play, the Display Network, and other apps.

6. Smart Ads

The smart ads create image ads by incorporating text and are shown across the web including Google and Google maps. You can take a lot of benefits from these ads specifically concerning minimal hands-on ads management.

7. Local Ads

The local ads link the client’s store visit to the local business location. These ads are shown on the Google search network including the maps and have been mainly designed for businesses having many locations.

8. Discovery Ads

The discovery ads help to create personalized and visually rich ads for brands’ promotion. These are displayed on Gmail, YouTube, Google Discover feed, and more.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right campaign type is key to a brand’s success. It also depends on the brand’s strategy, marketing goals, and the time one can invest. One of the easiest ways to automate campaigns is by selecting smart campaigns. It is an effective way of increasing sales with advanced optimization that adequately targets potential customers. Happy selecting campaigns for your business’ advertisement!


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