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Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024 and How to Stay Ahead of the Game

Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024 and How to Stay Ahead of the Game

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, video has become a leading champion. Due to higher engagement rates and improved viewability, more and more businesses now incorporate video content in their marketing strategy.  

However, like other online marketing strategies, video marketing trends keep evolving. Learning the latest video marketing trends will help you make the most out of your video content in 2024.  

Video marketing trends you must know in 2024 and how to stay ahead of the game. 

"The play button is one of the most compelling call-to-actions on the web." 

So, let's learn how to use video marketing trends play button in your marketing strategy to stay ahead of the game: 

Interactive videos will take center stage.

Interactive videos are poised to be one of the most prominent video marketing trends 2024. This format goes beyond the traditional passive viewing experience, allowing viewers to engage with the content actively. These interactions can include clicking on hotspots, making choices that affect the video's outcome, or even answering questions embedded within the video. The appeal of interactive videos lies in their ability to capture and maintain viewer attention by making them active participants in the storytelling process.  

Implementing interactive elements allowing viewers to purchase products directly from the video can increase sales and conversions. Brands can reduce friction in the buying journey by seamlessly integrating e-commerce into the video experience.  

Short-form videos have become popular.  

Short-form videos have taken social media by storm, typically lasting under 60 seconds. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels have shown that this snackable format is highly effective at capturing the attention of busy, on-the-go audiences. 

Short-form videos are one of the dominating video marketing trends that will continue dominating social media marketing strategies and feeds. Embrace this trend in different ways to succeed in the world of video marketing: 

  • Due to the limited time available, getting straight to the point and engaging viewers quickly is essential. Use creativity and humor to grab attention within the first few seconds. 
  • Participate in trending challenges and utilize popular hashtags to boost the discoverability of your short-form content. Staying current with trends can help your content reach a wider audience.  
  • Offer bite-sized, educational content that provides value to your audience. Tips, tricks, and how-to videos can be highly engaging in this format.  

"The beauty of creating a video marketing plan lies in making it easier for the viewer to get the information." 

Shoppable videos are the recent trend in video marketing. 

Social commerce has become another one of the leading video marketing trends in 2024. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are expected to integrate shopping features further, making it easier for users to buy products from their feeds directly. In addition, video marketing will play a key role in driving social commerce, allowing businesses to showcase products and encourage immediate purchases.

About 84% of consumers buy a product after watching its video.  

However, you can add shoppable videos to your marketing strategy to encourage more people to buy from your brand. These videos will ensure that viewers can easily click on products within your videos to make purchases. Minimize steps in the buying process to reduce friction.  

Encourage your consumers to share their feedback about your products through videos. You can also consider adding UGC in your videos for more authenticity and social proof of your brand.  

Live-streaming videos are expected to grow.  

Live streaming has rapidly evolved from a niche platform to a mainstream marketing tool. Platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch have made it easier than ever for businesses to connect with their audience in real-time. In 2024, the growth of live streaming is expected to continue, driven by its ability to foster authentic connections and build trust with viewers.  

Plan regular live events to create anticipation and ensure your audience knows when to tune in. Consistency in your live-streaming schedule can help build a dedicated audience.  

When live streaming, engaging with your audience in real time is crucial. Respond to comments, answer questions, and acknowledge viewer contributions. Building community during live streams can lead to higher viewer retention and loyalty.  

User-generated videos can create trust.  

User-generated content remains a valuable brand asset, which is still one of the top video marketing trends. It builds trust, fosters community, and provides social proof. Encouraging your customers to create and share video content related to your products can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. 

Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024 and How to Stay Ahead of the Game

If you want to leverage UGC videos, then here are tips to consider: 

  • Create campaigns or contests to encourage users to generate video content related to your brand. Offer incentives, such as awards or recognition, to motivate participation. 
  • Share user-generated content on your platforms, such as email, website, social media profiles, etc. It showcases authentic endorsements and rewards and engages your loyal customers.  
  • Show appreciation to customers who contribute to UGC. Respond to their content, thank them publicly, and build a positive relationship that encourages ongoing participation.  

More how-to videos for online training and education.  

As online education and remote work continue to thrive, there is a growing demand for how-to videos. Due to the increasing demand for how-to or education videos, these video types have become one of the emerging video marketing trends in 2024. You can create how-to videos as tutorials, instructional guides, or demonstrations catering to those seeking new skills or knowledge.  

The e-learning market is expected to grow to $457.8 billion by 2026.

However, if you want to stay ahead of this video marketing trend, then you must:  

  • Research trending topics and common pain points in your niche and create informative how-to videos around them. 
  • Encourage viewers to ask anything, provide feedback, and use this input to create more valuable content.  

AR/VR video content is also trending.  

AR and VR technologies are becoming increasingly accessible, and they're also finding their way into video marketing trends. These technologies can potentially transport viewers into virtual environments or allow them to interact with virtual elements in the real world. In 2024, businesses should explore how AR and VR can enhance their marketing efforts. 

They can do so in multiple ways, including: 

  • If you sell fashion or beauty products, consider implementing virtual try-on experiences. Allow customers to "try on" clothing, accessories, or makeup options virtually, boosting confidence in their purchase decisions. 
  • Create virtual store tours for e-commerce businesses, providing a lifelike shopping experience from the comfort of the viewer's home. 
  • Develop interactive AR/VR brand experiences that engage and entertain viewers. These experiences can leave an impression and build brand loyalty.  

360-degree Video experiences.  

360-degree videos offer a level of immersion that standard videos can't match. Viewers can control their perspective and explore the surroundings within the video, making this format ideal for providing immersive experiences.  

About 98% of customers reported that 360-degree video experiences are more exciting than others.  

In 2024, one of the fantastic video marketing trends has expanded its applications. These are commonly used in product demonstrations, real estate, and tourism.  

360-degree videos can help showcase your products from every angle for product-based businesses. This video marketing trend will allow viewers to interact with the product virtually. It will help businesses better understand their product's features and customer benefits.  

Social Media Video stories are gaining more engagement.

Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube have embraced the "stories" format. As attention spans get shorter, short stories are becoming one of the top video marketing trends in 2024. 

Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024 and How to Stay Ahead of the Game

Social media stories are short-lived, vertical videos or images available for a limited time, usually 24 hours. Stories are typically displayed at the top of users' feeds, making them easily accessible and highly visible. There are multiple reasons why social media stories are becoming more popular.  

For instance, stories feel less curated and more spontaneous than traditional feed posts. This authenticity resonates with viewers and encourages engagement.  

So, if you also want to capitalize on social media stories, you must: 

  • Regularly post stories, as it will keep your audience engaged and informed. Consistency helps build anticipation among your followers. 
  • Use interactive features in stories like polls, quizzes, and question boxes to encourage viewer participation. Ask for feedback, opinions, or preferences to foster engagement. 
  • Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business. It humanizes your brand and creates a more personal connection with your audience. 

Personalization at Scale.  

Personalization is another one of the key video marketing trends that has been gaining momentum for years. It is poised to continue its growth in 2024. Businesses can now personalize video content on a larger scale, delivering tailored messages to different audience segments. They can do so by leveraging advancements in AI and data analytics.  

Divide your audience into different segments per demographics, behavior, or preferences. This segmentation allows you to create content that speaks directly to each group's interests and needs. Use dynamic content insertion to personalize videos in real-time. It can include inserting the viewer's name into the video or customizing product recommendations based on browsing history.  

Businesses can deliver more relevant content and enhance the viewer experience, ultimately leading to higher engagement and conversions by embracing personalization at scale.  

Final Thoughts 

So, that's all for video marketing trends in 2024. Businesses can create compelling video content that captures and maintains viewer attention, fosters engagement, and drives meaningful results. However, you can do so by embracing emerging video marketing trends and implementing the strategies mentioned here.   


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