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What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing (SMM) refers to internet marketing in which tailored content is created with the help of social media platforms. In SMM, social networks and social media websites are used to promote businesses. It is a great way to drive engagement towards companies and help people understand your brand better. From increasing website traffic and building conversions to creating brand identity and improving communication, SMM can assist you in achieving several goals.

For instance, it drives sales and leads, provides valuable insights from the customers’ perspective, keeps accurate track of the competition, etc. The recent statistics show that 71% of consumers who are happy and satisfied with a brand usually recommend them to their friends and family.

In today’s digitalized world, the importance of SMM can never be ignored, and a sound social media marketing strategy is essential for business growth. This article will discuss the main pillars of social media marketing along with pro tips for creating the best social media experiences for your audience.

5 Pillars of SMM



This step is about determining your goals and creating a customer-centric strategy. Once you are done with these two essentials; now you need to pick the social media channel for promoting the content.


Planning and Publishing:

This step is crucial for gaining customers’ attention. Here you plan and publish informative and attractive content that directly inspires the customer. You need to post relevant videos or pictures of your brand with a prior planning strategy to convince the audience.


Listening and Engagement:

This step analyzes what users, customers, and other people are saying about your brand and posts in comments or direct messages. If the customers’ issues are well addressed on time, you may increase their engagement and trust in your brand. At this step, you might also need a social media engagement tool, i.e., Statusbrew, Hootsuite, Socialbakers, or any other, depending on your need.


Analytics and Reporting:

The analytics and reporting are robust metrics of the social media platforms that enlighten you about the total reach of your posts, number of new followers, engagement report, the number of users that are liking your post, and so on.



Social media advertising is a great way to connect with your audience by using social media ads. These ads help to boost brand awareness and lead to more sales. These five pillars of SMM create a direction and help you in adopting a customer-centric approach. It helps in better and bigger campaigns and increases your brand’s visibility in the customers’ eyes.

In SMM, social networks and social media websites are used to promote businesses. It is a great way to drive engagement towards companies and help people understand your brand better.

Pro Tips for Creating Outstanding Social Media Experiences:

For brand promotion, customers are the cornerstones of every social media platform, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Therefore, it is imperative to create the best social media experience to engage them. Here are a few pro tips in this regard.

Set SMART Goals: Set SMART goals for advertising on social media channels, i.e., specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

Identify Your Audience: Identify your audience by collecting demographic data, conducting market research, sending surveys, and using native audience insight tools.

Be Responsive: Being responsive encourages conversions; therefore, be responsive to those who comment on your shared content or text you directly.

Be A Trendsetter: Always be a source of inspiration for others and not just a trend follower. Create a unique style of your social media posts, and don’t be an extremist. Also, be in touch with the ongoing trends of your industry to know your comparative advantage.

Tell a Story: You can also engage users with a compelling story about your brand. Brand storytelling increases brand awareness and more user following.

Be Consistent: Once you have identified your goals, create the best user experience. Think from the customer’s perspective and critically analyze your social media content to attract more customers.

Communicate: Persistently communicate with your team members. Analyze what appeals to your customers and what’s not. Share your failures and success rate with your team to create a better user experience.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing helps to develop your brand and build customer loyalty. It is not only cost-effective but also influential in persuading customers of your brand. However, it will help if you personalize your social media marketing strategy to gain ample benefits.


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