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What is Google Ads?

Are you an advertiser and want to quickly earn the audience attention that takes place on Google daily? If the answer is yes, then there is no better platform than signing up for Google ads. Yes, you have read that right. The global digital age has evolved to a larger extent, and the Google ads platform has extensively driven this transformation. Do you want to know more about Google ads? Then, this article will surely enlighten you about what google ads are and reflect on the types of Google ads. So, let's get started.

Google Ads and its Importance

Many people think that the top searches on google are just because of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This assumption is partially true that it might be because of the Google Ads campaign for which most of the companies pay. In Google Ads, the company pays to get their ads displayed on google searches and maps and reach their targeted audience.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a program for businesses and a Google advertising solution. Companies who want to advertise their products and services sign up on Google Ads to reach their audience. By doing so, they have a broader search network that ultimately is good for their business.

The global digital age has evolved to a larger extent, and the Google ads platform has extensively driven this transformation.

Google Ads facilitate people worldwide to use two big platforms for advertising, i.e., Google and YouTube. Besides increasing profits and generating new revenues, the Google Ads platform helps businesses compete with their rivals. In doing so, it allows them to reach their competitive advantage and impact their audience's minds. So, why not use Google Ads to have more business sales and strive for healthy competition?

Types of Google Ads

Multiple types of Google Ads help companies to advertise their products and services uniquely. If you are new to this field, the following information will be of great use to you. So, let's begin with a few types of Google Ads and determine which type of Google Ad is right for your business.

Standard Text Ads

Standard Text Ads use keywords when people search on Google. These ads have a strict character limit, and you cannot get much creative in displaying the information about your brand. However, many companies still use it, and it adequately links up to your various website pages. These types of ads provide an opportunity to create three headlines along with two descriptions with extensions. These extensions allow you to display your brand's phone number and other details for the client's facilitation. Isn't it an excellent way to reach out to your audience?

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads are like standard text ads, but they have an additional advantage. They offer more opportunities to have a good reach and allow advertisers to create many descriptions and headlines. Moreover, they also help advertisers with A/B testing where they do not need to create separate ads. When people search on Google, they will try different combinations of the descriptions you provided and link potential customers with your brand. So, why not go for it?

Image Ads

The image ads create an everlasting impact on the clients with the help of displaying interactive graphics. Good images are highly essential for brand awareness campaigns to promote visual satisfaction. It significantly reaches out to potential clients, and their impact is prominent on the audience's minds. Advertisers who have better image quality click with clients instantly, and it operates on a cost per click.

Video Ads

The video ads have a better functioning ROI (Return on Investment), and it highly inspires people to go for your brand. Various research studies claim that video ads are more influential than other advertisements as they affect peoples' purchasing behavior to a great extent. Companies that have reasonable budgets must invest in video ads to grow their audience and sales. According to an estimation, around 500 million hours of video content is watched on YouTube alone in a single day. So, it is a vast platform that you shouldn't ignore to advertise your brand.

Product Shopping Ads

The product shopping ads are another form of Google Ads that merchants, and business owners frequently use. These ads link your store with the product when you choose to advertise on the Google platform. Ads of this category provide a product image with its description, price, and title to facilitate the users. This information is usually extracted automatically from your Google merchant center account via the product that you feed. Isn't it a wise idea to use these ads to increase your profits?

Final Thoughts

In the digitized world of today, every business needs to have a strong presence on Google. Doing so will help companies to reach out to their clients that range from local to international. Using Google Ads will help you gain your online business goals and help you to advertise your brand in the eyes of the customers adequately.

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