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Utilizing Digital Marketing Strategies for Increase in Customers and Higher ROI
Utilizing Digital Marketing Strategies for Increase in Customers and Higher ROI

Dr. Wu is a well-known physician who relocated from Austin, Texas, to Aurora, Illinois, in 2008. He bought an established medical practice in a small building on the outskirts of the town. Dr.Wu had a clear understanding of how he could market his services to attract new patients. He also created a digital presence of his service by hiring a website development firm to create a website for him. 

In an attempt to increase his reach, he contacted local magazines, newspapers, and even local radio networks to run his ads frequently. His strategy did work out in his favor, but it was still a lot less than what he had anticipated.  

Over time, the town’s population grew and so did the number of doctors. He noticed that the competition has increased when a tertiary care hospital was built in the town by a chain health provider. His patients were getting fewer day by day.   

In a desperate attempt to attract patients, he sought help from another marketing agency to redesign his website and implement SEO techniques to get him on top of his competitors. Even though he was still investing in traditional marketing channels, it did help in improving his business. Unfortunately, this success was also for a limited time as he realized that he was spending way too much and got only a fraction of the amount in return for all his efforts and investment.  

It was until 2020 that Dr. Wu came across an advertisement for advanced Digital Marketing Techniques by Vigorant Inc. He was intrigued to know more about their services and contacted them to schedule a meeting. To his surprise, the expert team of Digital Marketing obliged his request and gave him a free assessment along with a detailed report.   

Based on the report compiled by the Vigorant team, he found out that the actual issue was his ineffective choice of location for his practice. No matter how much he spends on advertisements, it would not get him desired results until he moved his practice to a better place. According to the assessment, he was based in Aurora which was a small town on the outskirts of Chicago. Since he was targeting keywords such as doctor near Chicago, doctor in Chicago, and Chicago doctors, he was not appearing in the user’s search results or simply wasn’t what they were looking for.  

He had the option to relocate once again or to invest in paid advertisements online. The expert team at Vigorant suggested that he considered the latter because it was a lot easier and quicker than relocating and starting from scratch. He already had a reputation building in Aurora and he could easily profit from it by making minor changes in advertising strategies. Once he made his decision, the team efficiently took action to utilize Paid advertising services of Google and come forward with relevant keywords search that would optimize his business.  

Dr. Wu was overjoyed with the outcomes that followed. His practice began to welcome more clients and an increase in patient follow-ups once the paid marketing campaigns were launched online. He has also received referrals from existing patients, which has increased his earnings by threefold. He is now confident in Vigorant Inc.'s services and is enjoying his rapidly growing and flourishing online brand.  

*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality.   

Published 30 Aug
Rebuilding a Brand's Online Reputation Through Latest Marketing Strategies
Rebuilding a Brand's Online Reputation Through Latest Marketing Strategies

Atty. Smith is a prominent family attorney in Los Angeles, California. He has been in the legal profession for a decade and has been dedicated to providing his clients with prompt and personalized legal services. He cultivates long-term relationships with people and organizations whose values align with his own. He's also known for his dedication to the advancement of his craft.

For years, he has been busy with clients and referrals left and right. Atty. Smith always takes an active approach towards each case and deals with it strategically. Despite his aims and mission, as well as the quality of service he provided to his clients, he ended up with a few unhappy clients. Unfortunately for him, word got around as those dissatisfied clients posted negative evaluations and feedback, which harmed his reputation.  

Atty. Smith was smart to seek help from experts and consulted Vigorant Inc. He told them that he required assistance in developing fresh and applicable techniques in order to get his business back on track, improve it for the future, and increase the number of positive feedbacks for his decreasing popularity and reputation.   

Vigorant’s team of experts studied and examined the negative reviews that he had received in the past. In addition to developing the finest solutions for his law firm’s issues, they also made sure that the solutions will have a beneficial influence on the firm for the long term.  

Thanks to their efforts, the results were significant.     

Priority one was to go back to former customers who had had traumatic situations and discuss and resolve them. Professionals in marketing assisted the company to analyze how this scenario might positively benefit them after offering remedies in exchange for damages or discontent  

Having learned from its mistakes, Atty. Smith’s law firm was able to move on from the incident and eventually rebuild its reputation. With the passage of time, his potential clients saw how he handled these issues and trusted him.  

Vigorant was delighted to have been able to counter the bad evaluations with good ones. The more positive reviews a law firm has, the less of an impact a negative review will have on its rating and online reputation. This way, attorneys can gain more clients while also making sure that they are satisfied with the firm's services.     

Vigorant team of professionals also encouraged his satisfied clients to write reviews about their experiences with his service. The team created a platform to attain clients’ feedback seamlessly so that they don’t feel intimidated to get into the hassles of giving detailed reviews.    

The team also partnered with well-known lawyers' website directories such as and to help promote his image.   

Atty. Smith was able to resolve the issue with the help of Vigorant's innovative solutions. Consequently, he has earned more clients since he has built a solid online image and his clients have witnessed how he can handle feedback with professionalism. Now that he continues to seek out expert help and works with Vigorant, he is able to stay ahead of the competition with his advertising.  

*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality.    

Published 30 Aug
Fueling Sales Growth and Brand Awareness in a Matter of A few Months
Fueling Sales Growth and Brand Awareness in a Matter of A few Months

For years, Mr. Lorenzo has been recognized for his dedication towards trading luxury houses and premium properties at great prices. He is married with two children and enjoys spending time with them. After managing numerous well-established homes in Seattle for several years, he is still committed to fulfilling the objectives for every homeowner.   

He sought guidance on how to make it simpler for him and his team to sell high-end houses as rapidly as possible in order to continue with their innovative aims of selling and assisting homeowners. He used the conventional approach of distributing fliers, initiating direct contact with any prospective clients, and seeing each other in the office, which is currently unfeasible owing to the pandemic. He discovered that those techniques were tiring, unproductive, and time-consuming.  

The number of real estate firms and solo agents is on the rise, and they're all providing amazing bargains at the same time! In this scenario, renowned real estate firms took the initiative to seek expert help in achieving an outstanding action that would allow them to stand out and not fall behind.  

Mr. Lorenzo engaged Vigorant to help him raise awareness of his properties in order to attract the greatest number of possible buyers. To cater to their target customers, the expert team at Vigorant began by trying several targeted tactics and investigating the many approaches for generating effective brand awareness.  

The team particularly created efficient methods that helped in greatly increasing Mr. Lorenzo's company's reach, generated new customers through social media and online ads, promoted the company, controlled costs, and, most importantly, increased sales.  

Let us now turn our attention to the outcomes.  

Within three months, these strategic marketing efforts have attracted a large number of potential consumers and boosted social media reach. Mr. Lorenzo now has more time to spend with his clients and no longer needs to worry about advertising the properties they own since he took the right decision to partner with Vigorant and let them handle his business marketing to ensure his long-term success.  

*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality. 

Published 30 Aug
Regenerating Website Management Along with Digital Marketing Services
Regenerating Website Management Along with Digital Marketing Services

Five years ago, Dr. Isha had hired a renowned local website developer to design a brand-new website for her dental practice in Tampa, Florida. Everything proceeded as planned, and the firm delivered on its promise of a very appealing website. Dr. Isha was ecstatic since the website was an accurate representation of the excellent quality of services that she provided to her patients.  

After two years of successfully running the website, the developer firm dissolved for unclear reasons, and with no prior notice. Unfortunately, the website eventually crashed because no one was left in charge of maintaining the website. In this stressful situation, Dr. Isha's only option was to first figure out a way to access the hosting page and then pay a huge quantity of money to a third-party firm to keep the website functioning (commonly known as the so-called web hosting servers).   

Even after all of her efforts, Dr. Isha was not satisfied with the site management service that she had hired. There were frequent lags, website downtimes and slow loading rates; she wanted to improve the site and make it run faster, but she did not have the expertise to carry out this task efficiently.  

Another issue she learned was that the original development firm had created the website on a custom private platform that no one could help with until they obtained access to that platform or development components. It was too stressful for her to handle such issues while trying to maintain her dentistry practice as well.   

She struggled to find other development firms to assist her in running and maintaining the website. Each of them provided her with confused and contradictory assessments and recommendations. Furthermore, they demanded a large sum of money to maintain the website in its current state.   

As she was juggling her luck with different development agents, a sales representative from Vigorant Inc. called her to oversee the situation that she was stuck in. They offered her that their company's specialists and experts in the marketing and website team can help her with her website problem. Fortunately for her, she was glad to accept their support after which she cooperated and began to work with Vigorant team.    

To address Dr. Isha's core problem of being unable to manage her website, the team presented to her various suitable and efficient solutions. As per their suggestions, she moved on to establish a WordPress clone of her previous website. The development team subsequently developed a manageable website, just the way she desired.   

Everything that followed, happened as a consequence of a joint effort, a transparent and quick discussion of specific items to aid with the problem.   

They also assured her that everything would be built using standard and readily available components and technology. In this way, she would never lose access to her website ever again.   

The agency's relevant outcomes included not only preserving Dr. Isha's brand but also enhancing the entire website administration and developing a superior understanding of patients to lead them through their before and after visit experiences.  

She trusted Vigorant's excellent level of customer care after her successful experience running the website. Dr. Isha also asked  Vigorant team to sign her up for SEO and Social Media marketing services to attract new clients to her online practice. Dr. Isha's dentistry practice is still served by the marketing expert team, and she is one of their many valuable loyal clients.  

*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality.   

Published 30 Aug