Generating Revenue through Digital Marketing  30 Aug

Generating Revenue through Digital Marketing

Dr. Ibrahim has been dedicated to the pursuit of health care discipline since 2016. He is a highly educated and professionally trained natural healer in San Francisco, California. He provides alternative health care consultations and treatment plans for drug-free pain management and other healing alternatives. 

Since he was an excellent doctor, all of his clients were pleased with the services they had received. Initially, he was completely occupied by patients coming in on the reference of friends and family. Over time, he also earned a positive reputation for excellent feedback and referrals from his patients. This was why he finally decided that it was the right time to grow his practice and take it to the next level.  

He began a marketing campaign using billboards and posters that were aimed at attracting possible clients and cater to people who seek such treatments. The project proved to be helpful to his business in the beginning, but maintaining this setup was highly expensive and impractical to achieve long-term goals. He tried and tested this marketing strategy for three months and eventually realized that he was spending too much money for a minimal benefit.  

He understood that he needed to step up and win the competition, without compromising on his budget. In addition to having superior core values and a noble mission, he needed to project his brand into the health care industry. He was sure that while choosing his approach in healthcare service, patients will have fresh and unique experiences. It was finally the time that his brand will be accessible to people and easy to navigate, with the help of advanced digital marketing strategies.   

Vigorant Inc. came forward with its team of marketing professionals and took charge of the task to turn Dr.Ibrahim’s vision into reality. Where there were plenty of old-school ways to introduce a Chiropractor’s brand to the target audience, experts at Vigorant created a unique solution based on Dr.Ibrahim’s needs. They combined Dr.Ibrahim’s primary goals with the immediate interests of his patients and created a solid online marketing strategy that was well-suited to the processing of new patients and brand recognition.  

With the help of an excellent digital marketing team, he got assistance to introduce and market his practice without spending a large amount of money on trial-and-error techniques. Within just two months of the launch of this successful campaign, his patients' appointments and website visits have tremendously increased.  

Since then, he has been getting an enormous number of referrals from his ongoing patients, which has helped triple his revenue. Dr. Ibrahim is happy that he took this step to contact Vigorant Inc. and seek their advice to help his doctorate practice. He is now overjoyed with his growing and thriving online brand.  


*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality.  

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