Generating Revenue through Digital Marketing 30 Aug

Generating Revenue through Digital Marketing

Dr. Ibrahim has been dedicated to the pursuit of health care discipline since 2016. He is a highly educated and professionally trained natural healer in San Francisco, California. He provides alternative health care consultations and treatment plans for drug-free pain management and other healing alternatives. 

He was quite busy in the beginning because of referrals from friends and family. The majority of his clients were pleased with the services they received because he was a good doctor. As a result, he decided to expand his business by advertising on billboards and posters. This marketing strategy is an effective way to brand a business and introduce it to new potential customers. However, the drawback is that it can be very expensive in the long run and you put your sign in front of general public who might even not be interested in your services at all.  

Powered by Vigorant's unique precision in online advertising, Dr. Ibrahim was able to market his practice to targeted audiences by geo-targeting potential customers in San Francisco, CA. The target audience was then sent customized promotional ads based on their interests and behavior.   


One of the client's most significant mistake was spending a huge amount of money in traditional marketing techniques, such as billboards and posters, with no guarantee of long-term effectiveness. If the client sticks to this strategy, he may face competition from another orthopedic doctor that is highly digitized and is currently leveraging the benefits of establishing a solid online presence to attract prospective clients—those who are genuinely interested in the service.  

The client required assistance with the following:  

  • Managing advertisement within his budget  

  • Promoting his practice online   

  • Acquiring new leads or patients  

  • The ultimate goal was to promote his practice while increasing patient appointments and consistently raising his brand to new heights.   


Vigorant suggested that Search Engine Marketing, also known as Paid Advertisement, is one of the best ways to promote your practice to potential patients by having your brand appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page. The good news is that the company has exceptionally dedicated teams capable of executing new and advanced marketing campaigns to meet the client's needs.  

Using online marketing technologies, Vigorant team of experts created strategic campaigns to display the ads toward specific demographics, areas, times of the day, devices, browsers, and other parameters that give them the outreach, most value for money and a beautiful website for the client.  

Our digital experts developed and executed the following strategies:   

  • Keyword research  

  • A/B Testing  

  • Competitor Analysis  

  • Created responsive and engaging website  

Vigorant marketing experts created each process to achieve the goal of successfully utilizing advanced digital technology in marketing.   

The Outcome:   
  • By demonstrating an engaging and beautiful website, our client's website reached 10,567 impressions within only two months.  

  • Moreover, we recorded 98 appointments as a result of the creation of robust and relevant keywords. 


The campaign development strategy that we used is a critical part of paid search campaigns. We focused on targeting high-intent searches for the client’s orthopedic services with relevant keywords. Among the search term keywords were “orthopedic procedures,” “pediatric orthopedic,” “orthopedic surgeon,” “spinal work,” and others. He is now confident with his growing and thriving online brand.  


Vigorant is a full-service digital marketing agency for some of the industry's biggest and best organizations and services. We are happy to offer the services that will benefit you once you choose us as your digital buddy!    


*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality. 

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