Reshaping Retail Strategy During the Pandemic 30 Aug

Reshaping Retail Strategy During the Pandemic

For a year, it has become clear to Luis and Camila those businesses will no longer operate as usual anytime soon. Because like any other industry retailer Covid-19 had drastically changed their plans of running their small business of baking tools and supplies in San Diego. 

 They had been relying on their product’s quality to generate sales, but the government-imposed constraints limited purchases in physical stores resulted in a decrease in their profit. They had already prepared promotions for a set of new products and were excited to show off their new customizable items but found it difficult to promote and introduce them.     

Luis and Camila realized that the current state of affairs might be the new normal, and they needed to shift their focus from temporary fixes to a fresh approach that will keep their business running. Their small business needed to stay in touch with its customers regularly to keep them informed on the latest offers and deals and the newest items they sell.  

At Vigorant, we worked as a team to create effective email and social media marketing campaigns. As a result, we implemented two of them that met our client's goals. 

  • A cost-effective marketing strategy  

  • Raching the highest possible customer number in San Diego.   


Due to the pandemic, the client had to change the way they sold their products. Since most customers were unable to visit their stores, it resulted in a decrease in sales. To solve this issue, the business must regularly stay in touch with its customers to inform them of new offers and items. If the client chooses to continue their business by simply selling inside the store, their sales would suffer.  

The client required assistance with the following:  

  • Increase in sales  

  • Establish brand reputation in social media  

  • Reach out to potential and existing customers through email  

The ultimate goal was to increase the number of customers by promoting their company's new items for sale and introducing new offers. Another goal was to stay on track so that their company remains well-known in the community.   


Vigorant Inc. selected two low-cost, high-performing online marketing channels: social media and email marketing. To ensure that we met the needs of the client, our marketing experts carefully planned the campaign strategies using SWOT Analysis.  

Our team of experts collaboratively performed the following strategies:   

  • Email Newsletters, Re-engagement, and Lead Nurturing Emails  

  • Location and interest targeting in social media  

  • Interest targeting via Facebook and Instagram Placements  

  • Postings of Strategic Social Media Content  

Vigorant marketing group worked on each process to maximize the use of digital technology in marketing.   

The Outcome:   

By focusing on the strengths of social media marketing, within two weeks, the business was able to reach 18,580 people who are interested in baking and has generated 43 transactions.  

Moreover, with the help of re-engagement email blast marketing, sales increased by +112.36%.


The team focused on meeting the client’s demand when it comes to promoting brand awareness and building close relationships to their present and future customers. We worked on strategies such as social media postings of photos, graphics, short clips, photo contests, and cohesive content. We personalized messages, sent mobile-friendly emails, and automated other email campaigns to fully achieve their goal. 


Vigorant is a full-service digital marketing agency for some of the biggest and best organizations and services in the industry. We are happy to offer the services that will benefit you once you choose us as your digital buddy!   

*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality. 

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