Restoring Website Management Along with Digital Marketing Solutions   30 Aug

Restoring Website Management Along with Digital Marketing Solutions

Dr. Isha had been running a successful dental practice in Tampa, Florida. To keep up with changing times, five years ago she decided to create online access to her dental services. She hired a locally well-known website development company to do this job and they delivered a good-looking and user-friendly website.  

After two years of effectively running the website, the development firm unexpectedly dissolved without any notice. Since no one was left in charge of maintaining the website, it finally collapsed. 

Dr. Isha wanted to improve the site and have it operated faster but she lacked the expertise to do it effectively.   

As she was juggling her luck with different development agents, a sales representative from Vigorant Inc. got back to her and offered to oversee the situation that she was stuck in.  

At Vigorant, we were committed to providing any assistance to her practice. We are highly experienced to be able to create tried and tested marketing solutions to save her brand name, improved the website's management, and create a more user-friendly interface for the website to provide a comfortable browsing experience for the visitors.  


Dr. Isha got in touch with one of our sales agents to discuss and collaborate with our team of digital marketing experts. Everything went under a strategical process of joint effort. She presented brief and clear descriptions of her requirements and expectations from us.  

She needed assistance with the following tasks:   

  • Regaining brand reputation   

  • Rebuilding the website and its management    

  • Attracting new clients   

However, the primary goal was to improve the website management to keep it functioning.    


After reviewing and evaluating the client's website concerns, our team provided attainable and practical solutions. A WordPress-based clone of her website was created. We also rebuilt and improved her website to make it easier to manage and cater to the needs of her customers. We made sure that everything would be built using industry-standard components and technologies.   

Our digital experts developed and executed the following strategies:      

  • Website designing      

  • Posting informative contents on the website   

Vigorant digital marketing experts monitored these powerful and practical strategies to achieve promising results.   

The Outcome:      

By creating a website clone, the company was able to regain its brand. She received an improved website in terms of design and content, which resulted in increase in website visitors and appointment scheduling.   

We at Vigorant understand that employing these strategies play a significant role in saving a brand. It helped the client reach her goals when it came to website management. She understood and tracked her customer's entire end-to-end customer journey, which made it easier for her to see the things she needs to work on to get and keep more customers.    

Later, Dr. Isha decided to sign up for SEO and Social Media Marketing services as well to bring new patients to her practice. Vigorant is proud to say that it still serves Dr. Isha's dental office as one of its many valuable loyal clients.   


Vigorant Inc. is a full-service digital marketing agency for some of the industry's biggest and best organizations and services. We are happy to offer the services that will benefit you once you choose us as your digital buddy! 

*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality.     


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