Reshaping a Retail Sales Strategy During the Pandemic 30 Aug

Reshaping a Retail Sales Strategy During the Pandemic

Things have changed dramatically for Louis and Camilla, who run a small business selling baking tools and supplies. Due to Covid-19, the couple has noticed that their business will not be able to run as smoothly as it previously did. It has significantly changed their plans of running their business in Boston, MA, just like any other professional seller.  

They depended on their business to progressively grow sales, but because of government-enforced regulations that limited purchases made physically in stores, their profit has significantly decreased. They had already created promotional designs for a set of baking tools and were eager to show off their new customizable items, but they were unable to launch and market them.  

Luis and Camila understood that the present state of affairs could be the new normal, and they needed to shift their focus away from temporary solutions and towards a new strategy to keep their business afloat. Their small business needed to communicate with its clients regularly in order to keep them up to date on the latest offers and discounts, along with the newest items they were selling.  

The couple approached Vigorant and requested to assist them in developing new selling tactics that would address their problem more innovatively and practically, so they wouldn't have to waste money and time mailing flyers and brochures to their customers.  

They have had prior experience with this approach, but it was ineffective and inefficient. Vigorant's professional marketers addressed their issues by advising them the most effective ways for expanding their company's reach, increasing website traffic, promoting their brand, connecting personally and intently with their consumers, and increasing sales.  

While the Pandemic has impacted everyone's lifestyle, Vigorant's marketing professionals have helped customers see the bright side of the problem by embracing this season to its best potential. During the Pandemic, promoting a company's brand, products, and services might help in entertaining many bored individuals who are stuck inside their homes. While they were at home, people wanted to do some activities. That is why so many people have developed a new interest in gardening, cooking, and baking.  

The results.   

With these promotional campaigns, Vigorant achieved the objectives of boosting brand awareness. Proposing them unique and compelling campaigns improved their sales substantially. Another benefit is that they feel safer knowing they've discovered a business partner who will assist them in achieving their company objectives along the way. They, too, are no longer required to maintain traditional marketing efforts.  

*Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality. 

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