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Search Engine Optimization
How SEO Works For Doctors? Everything You Need to Know About.

A survey conducted in 2017 shows that 97% of consumers prefer to find local businesses online. Moreover, 12% of those people searched for local businesses every day. Hundreds of search sessions on Google are conducted within one minute and are responsible for 94% of organic traffic generated. It's common for people to find a local doctor or healthcare provider, so the importance of SEO for doctors is increasing. 

SEO is not an option or a buzzword anymore. It is an essential part of the marketing plan for healthcare providers determined to generate more revenue through qualified leads. 

So, ask yourself, "is your website for medical practice on the first page of search results for your specialty keywords?". If NO is your answer, then you are surely losing money.

Why Is SEO For Doctors Important?

Below are some reasons which make SEO essential for the success of your medical website. 

  • Get a higher ranking on search engines for keywords of medical conditions and treatments that are your specialty. 

  • Attract the Traffic of your top competitors' websites. 

  • Without using paid ads or marketing tactics, attract more patients. 

  • Get more positive reviews from new patients. 

  • Get more patient appointments and leads monthly. 

  • Maintain the reputation of being the best doctor in your field and region.

Search engine optimization can give your patients the information they seek and help get more patients to your website.
6 Effective ways to get the highest Search Engine Ranking

Your medical practice website should be on the first page of search engines when potential patients search for the services or treatments you offer. With SEO for doctors, you can improve your reputation, attract patients, and optimize your marketing expenses. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Have A Mobile Friendly Website

    Mobile friendly website is essential for SEO. Ensure your website appears good on all smart devices like tablets and phones. 

    More than 62% of internet users prefer to use phones or tablets to access the internet. Therefore, you will lose most of your patients if you do not have a mobile-friendly website. 

  2. Have A Fast-Loading Website

    In the 20th century, people could wait five or more minutes for a simple picture to load. However, internet users are more demanding now. They want websites to load within a few seconds. Thus, potential patients will leave if your website is not loading fast. 

    Tips To Increase the Speed of Your Website 

    Some of the common ways you can improve your website's speed are. 

    • If you have large files, images, and videos, you can speed up the processing of these files. 

    • Remove any coding that your site does not require. 

    • Enhance hosting speed. 

  3. Pay Special Attention to Quality Content

    Content is essential for the successful results of SEO for doctors. We know that patients are always looking for answers. Thus, medical professionals can share content on their website with all answers that patients need. Moreover, websites with the best quality content consistently rank higher on search engines. 

    Ways To Improve Content Quality on a Website 

    • Always provide useful and to-the-point content. 

    • Use effective titles and subheadings to let readers know what you are discussing. 

    • Know the questions or concerns about patients' practice and share the information accordingly. 

    • Avoid mistakes and write as simply as possible so everyone can easily understand your knowledge.

  4. Optimize Target Pages with Keywords

    Make sure to effectively use your keywords on tiles of target pages so patients will be intrigued to click on them. Moreover, write interesting descriptions and titles because that is the first thing visitor will check to have confidence in your website. 

    Do not scare your visitors away with a huge bundle of information. Keep the content short and engaging by adding images and videos. It will keep the readers engaged and increase the conversion rate. It would be best if you assured that readers would never lose interest and leave. 

  5. Increase Traffic with social media.

    By increasing the traffic to your site, you will positively impact the SEO. 

    • Social Media Profiles 

    Create social media profiles on various platforms and build your audience. It will automatically bring more traffic to your website. 

    • Newsletters 

    Regularly send newsletters with new information and the latest research to your patients. Add links to your website in the newsletter so they can know more about your services. 

    • Marketing Is Important 

    Marketing through Google and Facebook Ads is a quick and effective way to attract more website traffic. 

  6. Check Performance Through Google Analytics 

    You need to know whether your SEO campaign is performing perfectly or not. Google Analytics can help you in the process by giving the following information. 

    • Pages that patients are not interested in. 

    • Webpages on which patients leave the site. 

    • The number of visitors you are having. 

    • Most popular pages of your website. 

    • Your site's main traffic source can be social media, organic, or ads. 

    • Other statistics which can improve SEO and ranking of your site.

Final Words

A huge percentage of potential patients prefer to search online to investigate and read reviews of a doctor before they can finalize their appointment. Therefore, with SEO for doctors, you can give your patients the information they seek and build their trust. Moreover, it will help increase your patient number and online image as a professional physician.


How Local SEO can Help Medical Doctors Attract More Patients

Pay Per Click Marketing
How to do PPC Marketing of Real Estate business and its benefits?

Different digital marketing techniques have other use cases, and PPC marketing is the best among those that increase website traffic. Speaking of the real estate business, PPC marketing of real estate business can bring many benefits, along with increased traffic to the website. 

Stick with us to learn how to do PPC marketing for real estate and how it helps your business.

How to do PPC Marketing for Real Estate business?

PPC marketing is one of the marketing types that brings impressive results but does not need a lot of effort to put in. So, starting with PPC marketing will be relatively simple, and below are the steps you can follow to do PPC marketing for a real estate business.

  1. Start with keyword research and implement those keywords for local SEO.

    The first thing you need to do is select the right keywords for your ad campaign and your website. The best practice here is to analyze your competitors for the best local keywords and implement those keywords. 

    Here you must focus on the information your audience needs and what they search for to get that information. Remember that working with irrelevant or unused keywords will not help at all. Once you find the keywords, you have to optimize your website to make full use of those keywords.

  2. Select the platforms you will work on and your PPC marketing budget.

    Now you need to define how much you will be spending for one click, as it will help determine your budget for the campaign. Remember that there are no restrictions so you can start small and then scale. At the same time, you must look for the platform for your PPC campaign. Some of your options are: 

    • Google 

    • YouTube 

    • Facebook 

    • Instagram 

    • Pinterest 

    • LinkedIn 

    These platforms offer the best result for real estate businesses.

  3. Narrow things down to your Ad format.

    Real estate marketing ads can be made in the following formats: 

    • Display ads 

    • Shopping ads 

    • Search ads 

    • Email ads 

    • Video ads 

    Here you have the opportunity to decide which type you will be selecting. While most focus on search ads, you can choose the type according to your audience segments and marketing strategy.

  4. Create impactful ads for your real estate marketing. The last thing here is creating impactful ads according to your ad format selected in the previous step. Ensure that the viewer stops to see you and that the call to action is strong enough to make them click and direct them to your website. These four simple steps will complete your PPC marketing campaign for your real estate business.

By correctly implementing the PPC campaigns, you can direct the right traffic to your website to convert them into qualified leads and customers.
Benefits of PPC Marketing for Real Estate business

PPC marketing in real estate brings many benefits, and elaborated below are the top few.

  • Cost-effectiveness is among the most significant benefits here, along with higher ROI.

    PPC marketing lets you control your budget and target your campaign, so you have complete control over everything. Additionally, you will only pay for the ad when a user clicks on it. It means that you will never pay for the impressions, and you will only be paying for the clicks, which significantly helps cut costs. 

    Additionally, with in-depth insights about the performance of your campaign, it is easier to increase the ROI with PPC marketing. You will already be spending less, and with proper analysis, the efficiency of your PPC campaign will further increase, giving you a much better ROI. 

  • It brings the opportunity to get instant traffic to your website.

    Getting ahead in organic search on a search engine can take a long time, depending on the competition. So, when you want instant results, PPC marketing can get you that. While the search engine will not be showing your website at the top of search results, PPC slots will make your content appear where it will be most effective. 

    So, there will be increased traffic to your website. That traffic will help your website with SEO, making the website appear on top after the best results. Thus, it will be a win-win situation for your real-estate business.

  • The PPC user data can help your digital marketing strategy.

    One fantastic thing about PPC marketing is that you can use the Audience observation features depending on your platform. Once you get data about your users, you can use that to design your other marketing strategy. 

    That data can be useful for designing social media marketing or SEO strategies. It is also helpful for smart retargeting to get even better results for users who did not convert with your PPC campaign.

  • PPC advertising is easygoing for everyone.

    When you work on PPC marketing, there is not a lot of expertise required. You do not need unique design or production skills like video or social media marketing. The best part is that it is accessible on all platforms, and everyone can start with PPC marketing for their business. 

    So, whether you want to work with Google Ads or on any other platform, PPC marketing is an excellent option for your real estate business.

Final Remarks

The real estate industry is unpredictable, and you never know which visitors to your website can be your next customer. To ensure the best conversion rates, you must invest in the correct type of marketing, and PPC marketing of real estate business is the one that brings the highest number of traffic to your website. By correctly implementing the PPC campaigns, you can direct the right traffic to your website to convert them into qualified leads and customers.


Why You Should Utilize Paid Advertisements In A Law Firm

Social Media Marketing
9 Best Social Media Marketing Practices for Law Firms

Law firms are mostly skeptical about using social media to uplift their brand. They are also doubtful whether social media marketing would benefit them. There is always a fear of leaking sensitive information through social media platforms. Law firms shouldn't share daily court happenings and case-sensitive information on social media. But this doesn't mean that social media is useless to law firms. Social media marketing can help law firms connect with their future clients and has a great potential to bring a higher ROI (Return on Investment). 

The American Bar Association (ABA) reports that over 80% of law firms maintain a social media presence. At the same time, 29% of these attorneys said client retention is because of social media. The report further states that around 77% of legal professionals use social media for their career development.

Does Every Law Firm Need to Be on social media for Branding?

Having a social media presence is worth it in today's digital world. However, let's talk about numbers to clarify this point. According to a famous study, 81% of lawyers use social media for professional growth. 77% of such professionals claim their firms are also on social media to reach more clients.  

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), most members use social media platforms to be known. Around 75% use LinkedIn to reach out to clients, 26% are active on Facebook, whereas 10% have a Twitter account. The report further states that law firms maintain a code of conduct on social media platforms so that it should harm no social media activity.

Social media marketing is a brilliant way to connect with your targeted audience. If you are active on social media, clients can easily reach you.
Importance of social media for Law Firms

New client acquisition is the most significant challenge that small law firms face. Social media helps to maintain a brand presence for law firms and establish networking. Every time you post on social media provides a chance to interact with your potential clients. It helps you gain clients' trust and acquire new clients. Nowadays, legal consumers turn to social media to ask for recommendations. They check online reviews before approaching a legal company. So, if you have a solid social media presence and positive reviews, you can add more to your business. There are many other advantages of social media marketing for law firms. For example: 

  • It helps to connect strong client relationships. 

  • Social media is a budget-friendly marketing technique that gives guaranteed results. 

  • It strengthens your thought leadership and appealingly promotes your firm. 

  • You can analyze your competitors to gain your competitive advantage. 

  • It generates more inbound traffic for your business. 

  • Improved brand loyalty is another significant advantage of using social media.

Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

If you are already using social media or are new in this field, do not forget to endorse these practices in your law firm's marketing plan. Doing so will bring more clients to your business with promising results. Let's discuss best practices for your law firm's social media marketing.

  1. Educate Your Audience Many people are struggling with answers to relevant legal issues. They also need some reassurance through online channels. Social media marketing helps to build trust and promote awareness. As a law firm, you must educate your clients on social media platforms and solve their minor issues. For this purpose, blog posts and informative video content can play a significant role. 

  2. Search Your Firm-related Conversations Check what others are saying about your firm with the help of mentions. Mentions in social media is a term that helps you understand your firm-related conversations. It is one way to get instant feedback about your law firm and enables you to grow properly. 

  3. Ensure a Good social media policy No one can predict a social media crisis. But as things are constantly changing on social media, you must ensure a good approach. Your social media policy should be well-compliant with your advertising rules. It should highlight your firm's internal communication plan to be better prepared for change and adoption.

  4. Be an Early Adopter Social media is continuously evolving by launching new features. Being an early adopter of such changes can help you get recognized in your industry. If you can be creative, you can easily stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  5. Leverage Keywords and Hashtags The first 48 hours are crucial in making or breaking the ice. So, whatever you post on social media must be dealt with caution so that you can make the most out of it. You must incorporate hashtags and keywords in a balanced way. Their overuse would irritate the clients, and you'll lose their attention. A simple tip is to search the hashtags and keywords before using them. It will give you great insights from the consumers' perspectives.

  6. Follow the 70/30 Rule Social media marketing for law firms needs a delicate balance between promoting their services and posting valuable content. The 70/30 rule states that 70% of your content should provide value to the customers. In contrast, 30% should reflect your law firm's services with a profound call to action. Adopting the 70/30 rule will have long-term benefits for your law firm. It will neither fill your social media feed with too much educational content nor display plenty of promotional ads.

  7. Check Your Competitors Social media lets you know what your competitors are doing. See their strategies and gain valuable insights to gain your competitive advantage. Analyze the knowledge gap and educate your audience accordingly.

  8. Follow Social Media Compliance Social media compliance is essential to understand what to post and what not to post. You must follow the compliance rules to assure the confidentiality of your legal clients. Your law firm shouldn't leak case-sensitive information to abide by the compliance rules and regulate the business accordingly.

  9. Consider Using Social Media Management Tools Having outdated social media posts will cause a significantly lose of credibility. Therefore, you must ensure that your social media content is regularly updated. However, you might not have sufficient time to update the information. In such a case, social media management tools can significantly help. Use these tools to stay consistent with your social media feeds and have significant results.

Wrap Up

Social media marketing is a brilliant way to connect with your targeted audience. If you are active on social media, clients can easily reach you. Nowadays, people turn to social media to make better decisions based on other people's experiences. Social media can bring more clients to your law firms. However, you must have a sound social media marketing strategy to stand out from your competitors.


Social Media Marketing For Law Firms

Video Marketing
Why should you Video Market your Chiropractic Practice?

Internet real estate is in demand. Today's patients may choose from an overwhelming number of treatment alternatives. Therefore, it is more crucial than ever to set yourself apart from the competition. Your website is the first step in this digital race. Where might your patient learn about your chiropractor's practice? Most people would probably use Google. When they finally locate you on Google, you should know that your website will handle the rest. Eventually, what's your website's goal? To convince your patient to choose you as his chiropractor? To that end, video marketing is quite effective.

Video Marketing Scaling up for Chiropractors

An eye-opening fact for your practice is that people recall 10% of what they read but 95% of what they see in a video. By 2022, over 82% of all consumer internet traffic will consist of online videos, which is a significant jump of 15% from 2017. Although, advertising through videos is not novel. Despite this, it is gaining significance in chiropractic settings. It's great for those who don't want to read a ton of text but still want to get a sense of your chiropractic clinic. When producing material that people will remember and share, it's no wonder that videos have taken the crown. Video marketing is an excellent chance for chiropractors to attract new patients, as it does for businesses in many other specialized fields.

Visitors who view videos on a website are 64% more likely to convert.
  • Videos show the human side of your practice:

    Chiropractic video marketing has risen in importance. It is a unique technique for contacting customers. Caregiving may be less daunting and more accessible with the aid of videos. It's a terrific method to engage the audience as it offers you a voice and connects a humble face with your name. It's a personal, reliable way to share your story. It may create customer trust and value your practice without consuming their time.    

    Video marketing may demonstrate your practice, philosophy, and offerings to prospective patients. People get to know you, your personnel, and your office better. Discussing clinic, service, and chiropractic industry updates is also great. An HD video introduces potential patients to your clinic before they call. 57% of customers think videos boost buying confidence.  

    Creating videos is a fantastic way to foster connection, educate people, and include them in their care. This marketing strategy impacts your audience more than any other since users gain visual information 60,000 times quicker than text. 

  • Videos offer great Introductions: Your patient considers cost, quality of service, convenience, reputation, and credibility before coming under your care. It's fantastic if your website has all this information and is accurate. However, creating high-quality material, like a blog, is an excellent approach to building trust with site users. Another idea is to film an introduction allowing prospective patients to see the office, meet the staff, and learn about what sets your practice apart. It might be the kind of modifications you provide, your experience with treating a specific illness, or any other knowledge you have that sets you apart from the competition. A more significant number of site visitors will be familiar with your clinic and more likely to schedule their first appointment if you provide this information as a video. 

  • Videos help expand your reach exponentially:

    Video Marketing creates and spreads video content that helps promote your accomplishments and approach to patient care. About 70% of marketers surveyed by Render Forest said that video converts better than any other marketing channel. Consequently, your Chiropractor clinic will stand out from other neighboring clinics and attract new people interested in your services. 

    If you haven't done much with video marketing previously and you're not seeing the number of patients you want, you may miss a chance to share your story and expand your reach via video.

  • Impact of Testimonial Videos:

    Patient testimonies may be a strong "selling" technique and are much more engaging in video form. Asking patients to record a short video testimonial lets potential patients understand things from a patient's perspective. Prospective patients may learn about your practice through these videos. 

    When conducting interviews with patients, it is essential to ask them open-ended questions. For instance, "Please describe the influence your interaction with our practice has had on your life." It's an excellent tool for giving videos a genuine, natural vibe. 

    Prospective patients value authentic, positive feedback from previous patients. Patient testimonial videos aren't lengthy; 30 sec to 2 minutes is enough—no need to strive for unrealistic Hollywood standards. Usually, you need one or two attempts at a video— you do not need to worry about pre-planning their responses, either.

  • Win the Search Engine Ranking with Video Marketing: Web search engines prioritize relevant and exciting content for their users. Including videos on your website is becoming more helpful as search engines prefer the web pages with them. No other element of a website, other than a video, is more likely to increase the number of page views and the time spent on a page. That's why it's crucial to maintain an orderly YouTube channel for your Chiropractic Practice and add videos to your website to increase your search engine rankings and exposure.

  • Micro Videos for Advertisement:

    Make a short film to promote your clinic; it's an efficient way to get your name out there. Your crucial audience is probably already involved in social media and utilizing it to research chiropractors and get recommendations. 

    Making a short, 15-second movie that captures your practice's essence is a great way to reach out to local patients. Micro videos are just the right length to get people thinking about your topic and keep you and your message on the top of their minds while they contemplate.

Final Words

You can't underestimate the power of video marketing for your chiropractic practice. It has the potential to raise the profile of your company and draw in additional customers. Visitors who view videos on a website are 64% more likely to convert. You may make a more personal connection with website visitors by using videos. It's an easy, productive method of connecting with clients who could benefit from chiropractic therapy. Informing and enlightening your consumers with this resource may sway them toward a healthier way of living. Posting video testimonials from happy patients is a great way to promote your chiropractic clinic and bring in new customers. Just be mindful of providing meaningful, educational content that adds value to your practice.


The Essential Use Of Video Marketing For Chiropractors

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