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Video Marketing
Video Marketing for Startups: Usefulness and Pro Tips

Anyone who has tried to launch a startup can relate to the fact that it's challenging to start and grow. The survival of any startup heavily depends on quick, revenue-generating actions. Investors want big money on their returns, and the startup's funding will dry up without results. In addition to launching a great product, you need a sound marketing strategy to stand out. You shouldn't miss video marketing in carving your marketing plan. 

Video marketing is essential for every industry, including healthcare, technology, eCommerce, delivery service, artificial intelligence, etc. It's because people like to see videos, which have a considerable impact on their minds. Reading plain text doesn't work for everyone, and many people find images and videos more understandable than other modes of content. 

Video marketing plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of any startup. Recent estimates show that 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. It supports the fact that there are over 244.4 million digital video viewers in the US alone. Another statistic reveals that the demand for video content is increasing more than ever before. More than 73% of consumers say that their purchasing decision heavily depends upon video content that they see. Moreover, video is their favorite type of content and is a powerful marketing tool.

Does Video Marketing Beats Conventional Marketing?

Video marketing beats conventional marketing tactics in several ways. For instance, video marketing brands have 49% more chances of increasing revenue than non-users. Visitors to a website are up to 85% more interested in buying a product or service based on the video content they see. Similarly, 62% of the masses say they are more inclined to buy a product they see on a Facebook story. It implies that video marketing is a popular tactic to impact people and their buying decision.

Video marketing is one of the best marketing tactics that generate powerful results. However, you also need to track those results to improve your content. When you conquer it, you'll generate more leads, conversions, and revenue.
Top Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing:

Video marketing should be incorporated into your marketing plan so that your startup can grow massively. Here are a couple of reasons that instigate the importance of video marketing for aspiring startups. Let's get to know these.

  • Boosts Customer Acquisition Video marketing helps in precision targeting, where startups have more chances to increase customer acquisition. Video marketing also aids in creating different videos for different audiences and as per the channel's requirements. For instance, there could be product tutorials on YouTube or how-to videos for people who like to do something by themselves. Similarly, there can be humorous or behind the scene, videos to endorse a brand's recognition. 

  • Easy to Understand Videos are visually easy to understand than writing content. A study says that around 65% of people are primarily visual learners. It means that one good video is worth a thousand words. 

  • More Customer Engagement

    You already know that video marketing is an imperative way to endorse your brand. Video marketing readily engages customers and builds strong associations with a product or service. Many brand videos use the conditioning process to evoke a positive response. Now, let's talk about the strategy and best tips.

  • Answer the 5Ws

    A startup must answer the 5Ws so people can understand what you are trying to sell. These include: 

    • Who: Find your target audience and have a relevant communication strategy. 

    • What: See, what are you going to create? Understand the fact that people do not want to see meaningless stuff. Your videos must tell a story. 

    • When: You must figure out when you'll post about your brand. A consistent approach is best, especially in a startup phase. Posting good videos more often to catch users' attention. 

    • Where: Find out where you'll post your content. There are multiple channels, and you must tailor your videos to the channel's requirements. 

    • Why: Here, you need to know your goals for brand endorsement. For instance, it could be more brand awareness, generating leads, growing organic traffic, and the like.

  • Present Your Expertise to a Wider Audience

    Successfully reaching a wider audience helps generate leads and more revenue for your business. Here are a few tips for presenting your expertise to a broader set of audience: 

    • Choose a specific keyword to build your videos around it. People readily see that video when searching for something specific that's also in demand. 

    • Promote your videos on YouTube and other channels. Also, incorporate them in email marketing to reach more people. 

    • Get branded and use Instagram and Facebook stories to endorse your brand. 

  • Invest In Live Videos

    Nowadays, live videos are creating a new trend for business growth. Recent estimates suggest that live videos generate more than 13% of web traffic, which is still growing. Therefore, you shouldn't lose this opportunity, as live videos would cost you nothing. However, the results would be actual and more than you expected. 

    Conduct webinars and product demos on Facebook live to catch more audiences. This way, you'll feel more personally connected with your audience. Also, it will showcase your brand and reveal its human side. If you can answer users' questions, it would be a plus to endorse your brand. 

  • Shoot Testimonials

    Word-of-mouth marketing works for brands, no matter how new they are. Testimonials are essential to impact new customers. Shooting testimonials will generate a positive response amongst people interested in your services. Online customers trust people more than brands; therefore, you must talk to the buyers and have their interview session online. 

    Testimonials boost credibility and drive the trust of every startup. A pro tip in this favor would be to invest in user-generated content than professional videos. Such content would endorse the authenticity of your brand in the eyes of new customers. 

  • Support Your Marketing Campaign with a Social Influencer

    Take the help of a social influencer who can positively impact people's minds. Video marketing, when combined with a social influencer, gives powerful results. Find someone who: 

    • Has a good reputation. 

    • Share the same values as your startup. 

    • Resonates with your target audience.

Concluding Thoughts

Building a successful startup without a good marketing campaign is almost impossible nowadays. You should have an effective marketing plan to reach out to the masses and enjoy your business stability. Video marketing is one of the best marketing tactics that generate powerful results. However, you also need to track those results to improve your content. When you conquer it, you'll generate more leads, conversions, and revenue. Why not introduce new ideas with captivating videos to enhance your brand recognition and earn more profit?


Significance of Digital Marketing ROI

Website Design
Things to keep in mind while designing a modern website for doctors.

Every business needs a website these days, and with modern website design trends, you cannot use an old-school web design for doctor's websites. It means that if you have an old doctor's website that is not helping your business, you need to create a new one with a modern design. With many design changes to come, there are many things to remember when designing the website. 

Stick with us to learn all the do's and don'ts when creating a modern web design for doctors.

Things to keep in mind while designing modern web design for doctors.

First, we will explore the do's you must focus on while designing a modern doctor website. The following are the top 6 things to always keep in mind for a modern web design for doctors.

  1. Make sure that the website is easy to navigate through. The first thing to include in the web design is that it must be easy to navigate. All the web design elements must be made as clear as possible and easy to find on the website. Because no patient is on a doctor's website to explore stuff, they want quick and practical solutions to their problem, and easy navigation helps that. 

  2. Keep your interface consistent with images and videos. The next thing to work on is the interface design, which must include graphics as a modern web design. Involving videos, medical animations, and images to add value to your content will be a great choice. No matter how you design the doctor's website, keep the interface consistent with all its elements.

  3. Optimize the website for different devices. A common problem with old-school websites is that those were not optimized for other devices. As a modern doctor's website, it must work on every device and offer the perfect experience to the visitor every time. Doing so will make the website good for those who use their mobile phones to explore doctor websites. 

  4. Pay attention to the content on the website. The content present on your website must be valuable. From the home page to the service pages and blog posts, everything must be engaging, and it should be well presented. Your content could be unique, but it will not be effective if it is not presented well. Also, follow all the content writing practices for better website SEO. 

  5. Make sure to offer the best security and privacy with the website. Patients never want their medical history and personal data to be leaked publicly. So, you must build trust and offer the best security on your website. Along with security, privacy must be a significant concern for web design. Visitors have control over what data you will build trust is good for the website and the business.

  6. Always finalize after thorough testing. Testing is the last and most important thing to do when creating a modern web design for doctors. Everything must be tested, from the content to the web design elements and all videos/images. Look for broken links or other human errors before making the website public. It is essential to build authority so that whenever someone visits your website, they never find a mistake.

If you are a doctor and still use that old website for your business, it is time to create a modern design to benefit from all the SEO and digital marketing techniques.
Mistakes to avoid while designing a modern website for a doctor.

A few things you should do while creating a modern web design for doctors must be avoided. Here we will explore the most critical don'ts you must focus on when creating a doctor web design.

  1. Never design a website that takes too long to load

    The first mistake to avoid is creating a website that takes too long to load. Creating a web design is a goal here, but the main goal is to make it efficient and well-performing. If the website takes more than a second or two, the visitor may skip to another. So, the images and web design elements must be optimized, and there must be no blank pages when the website is loading. 

    You can use PageSpeed insights from Google to see where you can improve. 

  2. Do not provide too many unnecessary options Often, when people get too many options, they delay their decision, and sometimes, they never decide which option they want to go with. So, you must keep things clear and concise instead of providing too many options. It reduces the decision-making time resulting in people quickly becoming a customer. 

  3. Do not include a large variety of fonts A variation between fonts can make the content look attractive but overdoing this will bring an unprofessional vibe to your website. Even if you want to add a variety of fonts, you must keep it concise and only use that strategically. 

  4. Keep the colors consistent and subtle for the doctor's website A doctor's website should not have too bright colors. It should offer a minimalist and professional feel instead of a vibrant one. So, while designing the website, make sure that you carefully select all the design elements and the theme, most importantly. 

  5. Always use visual content that brings value On the doctor's website, the design must not include images that do not get any deal. Every image must bring value in one way or another. That's how you can use every image to build authority about your services and business. 

  6. Do not set pop-ups to appear too early Pop-ups appearing too early will only frustrate users when focusing on the content or some pages of your web design. Adding a pop-up when someone reaches the mid or end of the website can help. You can also track user activity to show a pop-up when a visitor leaves the website. Another thing to use is to keep all the internal links open in the same tab instead of opening on a new account.


Keeping all the above and don'ts in mind will help create a modern and effective web design for doctors. As a doctor having such a website will help with SEO and boost your sales of physicians' products and services. So, if you are a doctor and still use that old website for your business, it is time that you create a modern design to benefit from all the SEO and digital marketing techniques.


Why Does Having a Professional Well-Performed Website Matter?

Search Engine Optimization
How to do SEO for Real Estate Business to get maximum business leads?

The real Estate business industry is one of those industries where the competition is fiercely increasing both in the online and offline marketplace. In such circumstances, if a business needs to get ahead in the competition, it is necessary to work on SEO for Real Estate because SEO can get you maximum leads on your website that you may not get otherwise. 

A real estate business needs to focus more on local SEO, which may vary depending on the market the business covers. Keeping that in mind, here we will elaborate on how to SEO for Real Estate businesses to get maximum business leads.

The most important thing about content is to keep it SEO-optimized and use keywords correctly to get the best results. 
Top SEO practices for Real Estate businesses to improve the company leads on your website.

When you are running a Real Estate business, getting as many leads as possible is essential because only then will you be able to get them into the sales funnel. Proper SEO techniques are implemented. It can be easy and efficient for your business.

  1. Start with an audit and see where you are missing.

    The best way to start working on SEO for Real Estate is by an audit. SEO audits tell you where your website is good and what you might lack. Things like organic traffic and conversion of leads into clients can be necessary for the success of a website, and the Audit tells everything about it, including: 

    • Site structure 

    • Page structure 

    • Content 

    • Linking 

    • Usability 

    Thus, you can have a better idea about the things that may need an update. 

  2. Optimize your website for search. The next part of this process will ensure that your website is optimized for search. In a real estate business, you must focus on keywords, meta descriptions, SEO-friendly links, redirects, site speed optimization, and content optimization. Do not miss anything; each is necessary for your real estate website's optimization.

  3. Optimize your website for mobile devices.

    Not only do the customers think this way, but the search engine algorithms also work this way. As more people use their smartphones to browse the internet, real estate business websites must be optimized for mobile devices. 

    Keeping things as simple and efficient as possible will get the job done. The following are a few things that you may need to focus on: 

    • Site speed 

    • Navigation 

    • Homepage 

    • Responsiveness and usability 

    • Hosting speed 

  4. Work on Google My Business for your Real Estate website.

    Working on the GMB or Google My Business platform is essential for a real estate business. You need to add your business here and on all the other directories. Always start with Google My Business and ensure that you keep the profile up to date. 

    Using pictures and videos to define your business will be a great idea. Also, provide all the required information so customers can easily search your business. 

  5. Promote your Real Estate business on Social Media.

    Did you know that your presence on different Social Media platforms can affect your ranking on search engines? Although it may not affect things directly, there will still be very effective results if you get things done right. 

    Social media will connect your business with the right audience and increase exposure. Moreover, it will lead people toward your website, resulting in fantastic SEO benefits. 
  6. Make sure to put quality content on your website and blog.

    All the web pages on your real estate business website must have top-quality content. That content will speak for your business and services. Similarly, ensure the blog has valuable content to attract readers and develop your authority. The most important thing about content is to keep it SEO-optimized and use keywords correctly to get the best results.

    While working on the content part, you can add infographics where feasible. Suitable videos, images, and illustrations will benefit the visitors.

  7. Featured snippets can help your website a lot. For the best SEO results, you need to be featured on the top of SERPs, which is possible by earning featured snippets for your website. This increase leads to your real estate business and ensures that you will have a better search ranking. However, achieving these can be difficult, but through high-quality content with proper keywords and using the formatting correctly, you can also perform these. 

  8. Add your schema markup. Schema markup helps search engines learn about the content on your website, and adding it makes sure that the algorithms of search engines will read the code of your website in a better way because it will make the website friendlier. Instant answers to visitors' questions and eye-catchy snippets will be featured in search results bringing a higher click rate to your Real estate website. 

  9. Pay attention to the reviews on your business. The last thing you will work on is your website's external and internal reviews. Positive ones will earn you a better click rate resulting in better search engine ranking. So, ask customers to leave a review and engage in whichever way possible to build trust and authority.


Most real estate businesses know the importance of SEO for Real Estate, but they cannot get the desired results. If you are not working correctly on SEO, you may not get the results you are working for. The best practice, in any case, is to focus on all the techniques we discussed above and implement those best. Thus, your business will get more leads that you can convert into customers using different marketing strategies.


Do I need SEO for my Property Management Business?

Email Marketing
Ways in Which Email Marketing Can Benefit Law Firms

Some law firms still doubt the power of email marketing and are unaware of its effectiveness. Email marketing is estimated to generate a 4200 ROI, which means 42$ for every 1$ spent. It educates the users about legal topics that matter to them and is a perfect way to share information about a law firm. Sharing educational information with actual or potential clients can build trust with a law firm.  

Email marketing for a law firm can add multiple benefits regardless of size. Statistical data reveals that 80% of professionals prefer email over other modes of business-related communication. At the same time, 59% of marketers accept the power of email marketing for every business or industry. Discover more about email marketing to grow your law firm. Also, do not forget to incorporate it into your marketing plan.

Does Email Marketing Benefits Law Firms?

Many reasons indicate law firms should favor email marketing. Instead, combining it with other digital marketing tactics would be best to extend the outreach. The top benefits of email marketing for law firms include:

  • Convenience Email marketing is highly convenient for lawyers to inform people about the latest updates. It is a time-saving digital forum that helps to reach several people simultaneously.

  • More Outreach Email marketing fosters engagement with actual and potential clients and builds trust in your firm. It nurtures client relationships and reaches the right people at the right time.

  • Connects with the target audience Email marketing allows you to segment the email list. In doing so, you can control the targeted audience and directly communicate with the clients.

Email marketing directly impacts the reader and helps you stay on top of their mind.
Practical Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers or Law Firms
  • Write And Automate Follow-Up Email Drips Drip campaigns to reengage dormant audiences and generate a positive response. It also builds a relationship with your clients and supports behavior change. Invest in writing automated emails and follow-up email drips for unresponsive leads. Drip campaigns work with a targeted message at the right time. You can educate and onboard the audience so that they can engage with your customer service. 

  • Focus on Call to Action

    Add smart calls to action and avoid placing too many in a single email. It might confuse the user and doesn't maximize the likelihood of conversions. Your call to action must reflect the goal of each campaign so that it catches the reader's mind. 

    You must create a compelling and copy-clear call to action for the email recipients. For this, you can adopt the following practices: 

    • Use action verbs and indicate urgency. 

    • Be specific and impact the user. 

    • Make it brief, simple, and attention-grabbing. 

    • Have a great subject line, and make it personalized. 

    • Inspire the reader to book a meeting.

    • State the benefits of your call to action and end with an explicit ask. 

  • Include Testimonials

    Include brief testimonials from referral clients with whom you have worked. It will encourage new clients to believe in your service. Testimonials play a significant role in standing out in a crowded marketplace and help build trust and credibility. 

    Testimonials offer social proof of your previous successful cases and encourage clients to approach you. Here are some of the effective ways to include customer testimonials in your emails: 

    • Utilize user-generated content to impact new clients. 

    • Send video testimonials in your emails to gain the user's attention. 

    • Share complete client stories and case studies to evoke the user's emotions. 

    • Wisely utilize the testimonials to meet your marketing goals.

  • Educate Your Audience

    Nowadays, users have time constraints and are likely to discard things that are longer or seem unattractive. Instead, you can use infographics to educate your audience. Even if you aren't good at using infographics, you can hire a specialist to do the task for you.   

    Your newsletter should be engaging, thought-provoking, brief, eye-catchy, reader-focused, and with a clear call to action. A regular newsletter in the same pattern won't surprise the clients. Therefore, spice up your newsletter with fascinating things to generate an adequate response.

  • Combine Other Marketing Channels with Emails Email marketing is potent and might yield great results. However, combining other marketing channels to complement email marketing for your law firm is always good. It might include various channels like content marketing, social media, or text message marketing. It will expand your outreach and make your firm visible on multiple platforms.

Email Marketing for Law Firms: Dos and Don'ts

Did you know the average time spent reading an email is 11.1 seconds? It's surprising; however, it indicates that you must use email marketing wisely. Therefore, knowing the dos and don'ts of email marketing beforehand is always good. Here is a brief guide in this regard to facilitate you. 

  • Offer something valuable: The first rule of email marketing is to offer your clients something useful. So, they love seeing your emails. Get them involved, provide educational content, and focus on clients' needs. 

  • Work smarter, not harder: Do innovative work and make your emails impressive and captivating. Avoid sounding automated or dull, and give a personal touch to your emails. Don't waste your time on unqualified leads.  

  • Collect and track your data: Almost every email marketing platform allows tracking the data and seeing whether clients open, click, or delete the emails. Try to keep checking this sort of data to gather essential insights. These insights will help your firm grow sustainably.

  • Don't delay: Timing is critical when converting internet leads. Therefore, do not delay and reach out to your clients right away. Otherwise, you might lose ample opportunity and won't beat most lawyers. 

  • Don't be like everyone else: Don't think and be like everyone else. Think outside the box and be different from the rest of the crowd. Inspire the audience to look into your emails and connect with them. 

  • Don't select a weak subject line: The subject line is essential to impact the user's mind. Make it solid and noteworthy so the user can keep reading the entire email.

Final Words

Online marketing for law firms is becoming more popular than ever. However, many law firms still rely on word-of-mouth marketing or referrals. Email marketing sits at the intersection of these two areas and brings a high return on investment. If done rightly, email marketing directly impacts the reader and helps you stay on top of their mind. What else do you want when you can easily track your ROI and directly reach out to your clients, prospects, and referrals?


How can a Law Firm Benefit from Email Marketing?

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