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Video Marketing
Video Marketing for Startups: Usefulness and Pro Tips

Anyone who has tried to launch a startup can relate to the fact that it's challenging to start and grow. The survival of any startup heavily depends on quick, revenue-generating actions. Investors want big money on their returns, and the startup's funding will dry up without results. In addition to launching a great product, you need a sound marketing strategy to stand out. You shouldn't miss video marketing in carving your marketing plan. 

Video marketing is essential for every industry, including healthcare, technology, eCommerce, delivery service, artificial intelligence, etc. It's because people like to see videos, which have a considerable impact on their minds. Reading plain text doesn't work for everyone, and many people find images and videos more understandable than other modes of content. 

Video marketing plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of any startup. Recent estimates show that 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. It supports the fact that there are over 244.4 million digital video viewers in the US alone. Another statistic reveals that the demand for video content is increasing more than ever before. More than 73% of consumers say that their purchasing decision heavily depends upon video content that they see. Moreover, video is their favorite type of content and is a powerful marketing tool.

Does Video Marketing Beats Conventional Marketing?

Video marketing beats conventional marketing tactics in several ways. For instance, video marketing brands have 49% more chances of increasing revenue than non-users. Visitors to a website are up to 85% more interested in buying a product or service based on the video content they see. Similarly, 62% of the masses say they are more inclined to buy a product they see on a Facebook story. It implies that video marketing is a popular tactic to impact people and their buying decision.

Video marketing is one of the best marketing tactics that generate powerful results. However, you also need to track those results to improve your content. When you conquer it, you'll generate more leads, conversions, and revenue.
Top Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing:

Video marketing should be incorporated into your marketing plan so that your startup can grow massively. Here are a couple of reasons that instigate the importance of video marketing for aspiring startups. Let's get to know these.

  • Boosts Customer Acquisition Video marketing helps in precision targeting, where startups have more chances to increase customer acquisition. Video marketing also aids in creating different videos for different audiences and as per the channel's requirements. For instance, there could be product tutorials on YouTube or how-to videos for people who like to do something by themselves. Similarly, there can be humorous or behind the scene, videos to endorse a brand's recognition. 

  • Easy to Understand Videos are visually easy to understand than writing content. A study says that around 65% of people are primarily visual learners. It means that one good video is worth a thousand words. 

  • More Customer Engagement

    You already know that video marketing is an imperative way to endorse your brand. Video marketing readily engages customers and builds strong associations with a product or service. Many brand videos use the conditioning process to evoke a positive response. Now, let's talk about the strategy and best tips.

  • Answer the 5Ws

    A startup must answer the 5Ws so people can understand what you are trying to sell. These include: 

    • Who: Find your target audience and have a relevant communication strategy. 

    • What: See, what are you going to create? Understand the fact that people do not want to see meaningless stuff. Your videos must tell a story. 

    • When: You must figure out when you'll post about your brand. A consistent approach is best, especially in a startup phase. Posting good videos more often to catch users' attention. 

    • Where: Find out where you'll post your content. There are multiple channels, and you must tailor your videos to the channel's requirements. 

    • Why: Here, you need to know your goals for brand endorsement. For instance, it could be more brand awareness, generating leads, growing organic traffic, and the like.

  • Present Your Expertise to a Wider Audience

    Successfully reaching a wider audience helps generate leads and more revenue for your business. Here are a few tips for presenting your expertise to a broader set of audience: 

    • Choose a specific keyword to build your videos around it. People readily see that video when searching for something specific that's also in demand. 

    • Promote your videos on YouTube and other channels. Also, incorporate them in email marketing to reach more people. 

    • Get branded and use Instagram and Facebook stories to endorse your brand. 

  • Invest In Live Videos

    Nowadays, live videos are creating a new trend for business growth. Recent estimates suggest that live videos generate more than 13% of web traffic, which is still growing. Therefore, you shouldn't lose this opportunity, as live videos would cost you nothing. However, the results would be actual and more than you expected. 

    Conduct webinars and product demos on Facebook live to catch more audiences. This way, you'll feel more personally connected with your audience. Also, it will showcase your brand and reveal its human side. If you can answer users' questions, it would be a plus to endorse your brand. 

  • Shoot Testimonials

    Word-of-mouth marketing works for brands, no matter how new they are. Testimonials are essential to impact new customers. Shooting testimonials will generate a positive response amongst people interested in your services. Online customers trust people more than brands; therefore, you must talk to the buyers and have their interview session online. 

    Testimonials boost credibility and drive the trust of every startup. A pro tip in this favor would be to invest in user-generated content than professional videos. Such content would endorse the authenticity of your brand in the eyes of new customers. 

  • Support Your Marketing Campaign with a Social Influencer

    Take the help of a social influencer who can positively impact people's minds. Video marketing, when combined with a social influencer, gives powerful results. Find someone who: 

    • Has a good reputation. 

    • Share the same values as your startup. 

    • Resonates with your target audience.

Concluding Thoughts

Building a successful startup without a good marketing campaign is almost impossible nowadays. You should have an effective marketing plan to reach out to the masses and enjoy your business stability. Video marketing is one of the best marketing tactics that generate powerful results. However, you also need to track those results to improve your content. When you conquer it, you'll generate more leads, conversions, and revenue. Why not introduce new ideas with captivating videos to enhance your brand recognition and earn more profit?


Significance of Digital Marketing ROI

Video Marketing
How to do perfect Video Marketing for Doctors that converts quickly?

Video marketing is one of the best ways of marketing any business in this digital age. The beauty of this type of marketing is that the audience does not have to do anything like reading, and they can watch videos. Additionally, the duration of videos can also affect the effectiveness of this type of marketing. Video marketing for doctors is also beneficial in the medical field. 

While video marketing for doctors is very effective, doctors usually do not know how to do it, which we will discuss here.

How to do perfect Video Marketing for Doctors that converts quickly?

Here is everything you need to know on how to do perfect video marketing for doctors to convert people quickly from your audience to your customers.

Video marketing can bring a lot of potential to your business by quickly converting customers.
  1. Select your platforms and follow a video posting schedule

    When working on your video marketing, you must select some platforms where you will post your videos. The platform selection depends on the type of videos, duration, and target audience. 

    Once you select your platform for video marketing, create your posting schedule. People today consider those sources more credible when they see regular updates. It is what you must be looking for, as maintaining a plan will help you add value to your account over time. For the customer, it will always be a source of regular video updates. 

  2. Always include tutorials to keep your content helpful for the users

    Video marketing must be done strategically, and while you are creating content to promote your business, there must be some content that brings public benefits to your viewers. Just think of the general concerns of patients and make demos and tutorials accordingly. That could be anything like general tips and tricks or other practices that might be helpful for the patients. 

    However, you must not make all your videos this way, as maintaining balance is the key to success here. 

  3. Share the patient's journey with you and how you treat them effectively

    One of the best things about video marketing for doctors is the storytelling part. When sharing success stories, convincing other patients that you are good enough cannot get better than this. Making your current patients a part of that video according to their consent can make those videos even more effective. 

    When telling stores, you can also explain the effectiveness of different methods and techniques. However, ensure that you are telling stories efficiently and not turning them into boring tales. 

  4. If you have an influential personality, do not be shy to show it

    As a doctor, you must always seek opportunities to influence people in different aspects of your life. For example, if you follow a fitness routine, try updating stores and status regularly, or going live with your audience will help. Other than those videos, you must appear yourself in the regular videos. 

    Showing yourself is an excellent way of keeping people engaged and adding credibility to your videos apart from your business. In any case, you must not waste your time and resources on video marketing for the doctor. That does not do justice to the profession and business. 

  5. Create content according to the viewers' requests 

    You will receive many requests if you are active enough on your website and social media platforms. To increase engagement with your viewers, you must create content that resolves their queries or provides them with solutions to their problems. 

    Doing so is extremely easy on platforms like TikTok, but if your video marketing strategies include longer videos, you need to work accordingly on your YouTube, Website, or Facebook.

  6. Post videos according to the respective platforms but post on every platform

    When working on your doctors' video marketing, you must not focus only on the videos. Instead, focus on where you will upload and share those videos and how to make them effective. If you are uploading a video on YouTube, it does not mean you cannot upload it on Facebook. So, create great content to enhance your video marketing efficiency and post that on every platform. 

    You can design different uploading strategies and follow them for the most effective results.

  7. Making unplanned content is not destructive planned content is always better

    Understand that the doctors' video marketing you are working on is unlike daily vlogging, where you can make videos of anything in front of you. Instead, you must plan your content very effectively and create a video that will influence the viewers and leave them with helpful information. 

    It does not mean that you can only make planned videos, as sometimes, some unplanned videos of live incidents can also be extremely effective and influential.

  8. Understand the analytics and, in the future, work according to them 

    The last thing you need to do is see how your videos perform on all the platforms you are uploading. The following items will help you understand the insights: 

    • Watch time 

    • View counts 

    • Shares 

    • Like and comments 

    • Replies, etc. 

    These may differ for every platform, but you will get an overall idea of the effectiveness. Considering these, always look for room for improvement.

Final Remarks

As a doctor, you must try every marketing strategy to promote your business. However, video marketing for doctors is among the best types of marketing. Doing this correctly benefits a lot of other things in your industry. Video marketing can bring a lot of potential to your business by quickly converting customers. With the tips and tricks discussed above, make your video marketing effective today.


Why Is Video Marketing Necessary For Medical Doctors

Video Marketing
A complete guide on what makes Video Marketing the backbone for the Real Estate Business.

The real estate industry is exponentially growing, and so is the need for the correct type of marketing. While there are several types of marketing, video marketing for real estate businesses makes the best choice. Video marketing done right can yield benefits that no other type of marketing can, and here we will explain how it is.

What makes video marketing the backbone of the Real Estate business?

Although there are several reasons why video marketing for real estate business brings so many benefits, below are some reasons which make it the backbone for real estate business marketing.

  • Videos are much more efficient than text and images combined.

A text about anything can contain all the details, but it will need the reader to read it till the end. Similarly, images need concentration and focus on comprehending everything. On the other hand, video marketing brings information to the viewers, and when done right, it attracts the viewers. Video marketing gets more viewers' responses compared to text and images.

  • Video marketing can be done on any platform.

When working on video marketing, you can work with any platform. YouTube or Facebook make good choices, but platforms like TikTok and Instagram are also great for promoting your video marketing efforts. Lastly, there is no restriction on posting that video on your website to offer the visitors a better experience. Ensure your website is optimized, so it doesn't take too long to load.

  • Video marketing helps with SEO results for your website.

Whenever you search for something, Google automatically shows the top few results with videos if videos are available and optimized. If you also optimize your website this way, your videos will also appear in the top search results. It is a great way to direct traffic to your website, and when you require traffic towards your website, the chances of getting better SEO results to increase.

Video marketing done right can yield benefits that no other type of marketing can.

  • Video marketing offers the highest ROI

Video marketing is one of the marketing techniques that offer high ROI. Usually, different marketing techniques do not provide good returns on investment, but the thing with Video marketing is that it promotes better engagement, and the chances of converting are higher. Thus, there are higher chances of getting better returns on investment.

  • Video marketing helps sell the location instead of the building only

Traditional marketing techniques usually focus on selling the building or place only. However, with video marketing for real estate businesses, you can bring so much information in a short time. Including the details about the location and showing different aspects will build customer trust. Thus, you will not be selling the building only, but you will be selling that location as well.

Tips for making your Real Estate Video Marketing more effective

Creating a video about the properties or your business will not be enough. There are some other things that you need to work out on carefully. Below are a few tips that will make video marketing for real estate businesses effective for you.

  • Never create videos without a script.

When working on video marketing for real estate businesses, plan things. Even if you give a simple walk around the house that is up for sale, you must plan how to cover everything and what you will speak. Being prepared gives much professionalism to the videos and helps you build authority in the field.

  • Invest in the quality of your videos for Real estate video marketing

The quality of your videos matters a lot. Whether it makes you buy a better recording camera or a drone for the shots of the location, invest in it. You may need to invest in services like cinematography and video editing so that the final result comes out to be excellent. These investments will bring the best benefits to your business.

Platforms like Instagram are also great for promoting your video marketing efforts.
  • Always work on video marketing after analyzing your audience

Not researching your audience is one of the biggest mistakes you must avoid. When you spend time and effort on marketing, the content must be shown to the target audience as your priority, and others come after that. For example, if a luxury house is up for sale, people over 35 would most probably be looking for it. You can target the audience with specific data and show your video ads strategically.

  • Maintain a balance of promotional and informational content

When working on video marketing, the best thing is to balance promotional and informational content. Too much informative content will reduce your conversion opportunities, while too much promotional content may make your video marketing campaign boring. Maintain a balance between these types of content and keep the informational content valuable for viewers. This way, you will successfully build a brand with authority and keep interested buyers engaged.

  • Pay importance to the technicalities like keywords and competitors

The last thing to work on is its competitors. Do competitor analysis and see which techniques and keywords are helping them the most. You can also implement those or look for better ones. Your video ads will be optimized for the best results with the right keywords for the correct audience segment.


When working on video marketing for a real estate business, your primary goal must not be selling only a specific property. Video marketing allows you to build your brand in the real estate industry with the help of the internet and target the right audience segment.


How can Real Estate Business owners upscale their business with Digital Marketing?

Video Marketing
Why Is Video Marketing Necessary For Medical Doctors

When choosing a strategy for medical doctors, video marketing tops the list because it is the most beneficial option. Video marketing allows your patients to connect with you on a personal level. This is mainly because they can see you, hear you, and even comprehend your non-verbal communication. In only a couple of seconds, they can decide whether you are the doctor they want to visit or not. Even with a tedious bio page on your website and an extensive rundown of qualifications, you can’t secure a patient this fast.

Why Is Video Marketing Necessary For Medical Doctors?

It is essential that your marketing should educate patients and build trust, for which a video is far superior to text or still images. Videos allow potential patients to receive, understand and retain knowledgeable information more effectively. Since it is the second-best way to see a physician, it is highly recommended to establish trust. We are sharing with you the most successful strategy to benefit the most from your video marketing plan.

  • Welcome Your Patients

Having a warm, welcoming video message made can help your patients know about your medical practice before they even visit you. You can also give them a virtual tour of your facilities to understand what to anticipate when they arrive. These kinds of videos help your patients relax and feel at ease before they come to visit.

Video marketing allows your patients to connect with you on a personal level. This is mainly because they can see you, hear you, and even comprehend your non-verbal communication. In only a couple of seconds, they can decide whether you are the doctor they want to visit or not.
  • Create Intro Profiles

Nowadays, patients look for doctors online. They want to know about the doctor beforehand, including their experience and personality. Incorporating an intro profile of yourself and other doctors in your facility will help potential patients to understand you better and connect with you. Patients are more likely to see you as a friendly and trustworthy doctor by watching you on screen.

  • Educational Videos

It is worth the effort to invest in informative, educational videos related to the facilities and treatments that you offer. These can be animations or real-time videos showing details and insight into relevant procedures. It reassures your patients that they are in the hands of experienced and qualified professionals who are masters of their field.

  • Post Patient's Feedback

When it comes to medical marketing, reviews are crucial. They allow potential patients to learn what previous and current patients think of you (the doctor) and how you’ve influenced their lives. Encourage existing patients to submit honest feedback about your practice, and include them in your videos. Also, reply to these reviews whether favorable or bad. If done correctly, these will prove to be the most effective!

Final Thoughts

Aside from executing the techniques outlined above to connect you to your target audience, video marketing for doctors focuses on maintaining a winning mindset. Healthcare competition is intense, and organizations that ignore their marketing requirements will fall farther behind. This is why you need to invest sufficient time and resources to keep ahead of the competition.

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