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Social Media Marketing
Why Is Social Media Marketing Important Today?

There is no doubt that social media marketing is the most powerful platform in today’s world. The main reason is that it helps to communicate with the outside world by providing a free forum to exchange ideas and opinions. Recent statistics show that there is around a 4.2 billion active social media population in the world today. The digitalized world and easy accessibility to the internet have made it easy to search brands and people, discover new trends, and develop professional and personal relationships. There are ample reasons that instigate the importance of social media marketing. A few of these are listed below.

1. You Are Able To Convey Your Brand.

As an entrepreneur, you need social media to interact with your customers directly. You can convey your brand story by reflecting on its successes and failures to inspire people. This, as a result, allows you to build personal relations with the customers. Moreover, it gives life to your brand and adds meaning to it. Customers love brands who share their brand story as, in this way, they like to build emotional engagement with brands. Here are some valuable tips to convey your brand story on social media platforms:

  • Use language that is understandable by the audience.

  • Avoid monotonous talk and create some fun.

  • Tell a compelling story to have maximum engagement.

  • Inculcate the values of your brand and impact the minds of your audience.

2. You Grow An Audience Within A Small Budget.

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest ways to promote a brand or business, and you can instantly grow your audience by posting relevant and engaging content. It is a great way to market your business and generate leads digitally. You can grow your business within less time, even without using any ad tools. Use SEO content and place the right keywords, and here you go. Here are a few tips for growing an audience on social media platforms:

  • Encourage tagging and be proactive in responding to your audience.

  • Share more videos and give people a reason to follow your brand.

  • Use hashtags so that people can find you.

  • Hold contests to get to know new people who can follow your account.

3. You Learn About Your Competitors.

Most business profiles are easily visible on social media platforms, do not miss this opportunity and learn about your competitors. It is a great way to know your competitors and their strategies to attract customers as an entrepreneur. You can look at the way they interact with their customers, their storytelling style, answering customers’ queries, and much more. You can also learn about their customer service to strengthen your own. Conduct a social media competitive analysis for valuable insights. Here are a few tips in this regard:

  • Choose up to 5 competitors related to your industry.

  • See their strengths, weaknesses, and the way they interact with their customers.

  • Review their social media strategy and compare their profiles.

  • Check out peoples’ responses on their accounts and analyze why people are happy with those brands.

The digitalized world and easy accessibility to the internet have made it easy to search brands and people, discover new trends, and develop professional and personal relationships.

4. You Increase Your Overall ROI (Return on Investment).

The cost of advertising on social media platforms is relatively more minor; therefore, you can quickly generate more revenue. With social media advertising, you can reach millions of people at the same time. This gives you an excellent opportunity to increase your followers who can become buyers soon. The social media ROI is vital for:

  • Growing business partnerships.

  • Generating sales leads.

  • Developing fan bases.

  • Boosting sales.

  • Increasing qualified traffic.

5. You Build Healthy Relationships With Potential Customers

Social media marketing gives you immense opportunities to build healthy relationships with potential customers. If entrepreneurs create a friendly relationship with customers and answer their relevant queries, they can know them more deeply. Moreover, it helps them to learn their buying patterns and provides excellent insights to improve their brands. Here are five brilliant ways to build a healthy relationship with your customers on social media platforms:

  • Communicate well.

  • Exceed the customers’ expectations.

  • Always ask for relevant feedback.

  • Connect in a friendly manner.

  • Show appreciation in the form of discounts.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing has many advantages for established businesses and startups. The earlier you start it, the faster you’ll see the results. The right marketing strategy will enhance SEO, traffic, customer engagement, improved brand loyalty, increased visibility, and better ROI. Have more brand authority by regularly interacting with your customers.

What Is Social Media Marketing? How to Market a Business on Social Media
What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to internet marketing in which tailored content is created with the help of social media platforms. In SMM, social networks and social media websites are used to promote businesses. It is a great way to drive engagement towards companies and help people understand your brand better. From increasing website traffic and building conversions to creating brand identity and improving communication, SMM can assist you in achieving several goals.

For instance, it drives sales and leads, provides valuable insights from the customers’ perspective, keeps accurate track of the competition, etc. The recent statistics show that 71% of consumers who are happy and satisfied with a brand usually recommend them to their friends and family.

In today’s digitalized world, the importance of SMM can never be ignored, and a sound social media marketing strategy is essential for business growth. This article will discuss the main pillars of social media marketing along with pro tips for creating the best social media experiences for your audience.

5 Pillars of SMM

  • Strategy:

This step is about determining your goals and creating a customer-centric strategy. Once you are done with these two essentials; now you need to pick the social media channel for promoting the content.

  • Planning and Publishing:

This step is crucial for gaining customers’ attention. Here you plan and publish informative and attractive content that directly inspires the customer. You need to post relevant videos or pictures of your brand with a prior planning strategy to convince the audience.

  • Listening and Engagement:

This step analyzes what users, customers, and other people are saying about your brand and posts in comments or direct messages. If the customers’ issues are well addressed on time, you may increase their engagement and trust in your brand. At this step, you might also need a social media engagement tool, i.e., Statusbrew, Hootsuite, Socialbakers, or any other, depending on your need.

  • Analytics and Reporting:

The analytics and reporting are robust metrics of the social media platforms that enlighten you about the total reach of your posts, number of new followers, engagement report, the number of users that are liking your post, and so on.

  • Advertising:

Social media advertising is a great way to connect with your audience by using social media ads. These ads help to boost brand awareness and lead to more sales. These five pillars of SMM create a direction and help you in adopting a customer-centric approach. It helps in better and bigger campaigns and increases your brand’s visibility in the customers’ eyes.

In SMM, social networks and social media websites are used to promote businesses. It is a great way to drive engagement towards companies and help people understand your brand better.
Pro Tips for Creating Outstanding Social Media Experiences:

For brand promotion, customers are the cornerstones of every social media platform, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Therefore, it is imperative to create the best social media experience to engage them. Here are a few pro tips in this regard.

  • Set SMART Goals: Set SMART goals for advertising on social media channels, i.e., specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

  • Identify Your Audience: Identify your audience by collecting demographic data, conducting market research, sending surveys, and using native audience insight tools.

  • Be Responsive: Being responsive encourages conversions; therefore, be responsive to those who comment on your shared content or text you directly.

  • Be A Trendsetter: Always be a source of inspiration for others and not just a trend follower. Create a unique style of your social media posts, and don’t be an extremist. Also, be in touch with the ongoing trends of your industry to know your comparative advantage.

  • Tell a Story: You can also engage users with a compelling story about your brand. Brand storytelling increases brand awareness and more user following.

  • Be Consistent: Once you have identified your goals, create the best user experience. Think from the customer’s perspective and critically analyze your social media content to attract more customers.

  • Communicate: Persistently communicate with your team members. Analyze what appeals to your customers and what’s not. Share your failures and success rate with your team to create a better user experience.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing helps to develop your brand and build customer loyalty. It is not only cost-effective but also influential in persuading customers of your brand. However, it will help if you personalize your social media marketing strategy to gain ample benefits.

What Is Google Ads? How Does Google Ads Work?
Google Ads Vs. Other Paid Advertising Channels: Which One Works for me Better?

Though Google ads are one of the biggest platforms for brands’ online advertising, there are some reasons when other paid advertising channels can work better for you. This section is about a brief description of Google ads, their numerous advantages over other advertising channels, and the reasons why you must pick them for advertising your business. It will also throw a brief light on a few other paid advertising channels so that you can know what works best for you. So, let’s begin.

Google Ads

Google ads is an online advertising platform founded by Google, and it is a great way to drive good-fit or qualified traffic towards your business. If it is managed correctly, it can lead to better ROI than other platforms. It is best to choose when:

  • You have better knowledge of keywords usage and optimization.

  • You run a small business and are striving for lead generation for your brand.

  • You own a local or B2B business and want to have more customer outreach.

5 Advantages of Google Ads Over Other Paid Ads:

One of the most significant advantages of using Google ads is its massive outreach. Google can handle around 40,000 queries within a single second, and in this way, your ad can reach millions of people around the globe.

  • Google ads are highly flexible and cost-effective.

  • Google ads help to monitor your success rate and provide valuable insights from the customer’s perspective.

  • When managed correctly, Google ads target qualified traffic and readily increase your brand’s awareness within less time.

  • It measures your performance consistently and helps you generate the best ROI (Return on Investment) for your brand.

Why is Google Ads Best for Your Business Advertisement?

There are numerous reasons for choosing Google ads for your brand. For instance, it is the best tool for lead generation and helps you rightly target potential customers. With Google ads, you see quick and transparent results of your campaigns, and in this way, it taps high-quality traffic. Google ads have an impressive analytics and performance tracking system, which helps you think from customers’ points of view. Moreover, these ads are highly flexible compared to other paid channels, and you can choose your marketing spend accordingly, and your money never gets wasted.

Though Google ads are one of the biggest platforms for brands’ online advertising, there are some reasons when other paid advertising channels can work better for you.
Top Reasons for Choosing Google Ads Alternatives

At times, there are some benefits of diversifying your paid media spend by incorporating channels along with Google ads. This is illustrated by the information given below.

  • Your targeted audience might be spending more time on platforms other than Google. For instance, business professionals are more inclined towards LinkedIn for business-related ads than depending upon Google.

  • The current era relies heavily upon an eclectic approach for better results. The other platforms, along with Google, will complement your ads, and you would not need to remind your customers about the products and services of your business. They will automatically see them on various available platforms. It will increase your ad’s chance of being seriously noticed, and in this way, you can reach millions within a few minutes.

  • When multiple paid advertising channels are used, they decreased risk, especially when it comes to brand safety.

  • Another reason for relying on paid advertisements other than Google is that Google ads aren’t beginner-friendly. It is usually a tough nut to crack and therefore requires some expertise in handling it. However, if it is managed correctly, you can never have a platform better than Google ads.

Paid Advertising platforms other than Google Ads

Here is a brief description of 5 paid advertising platforms other than Google ads for your enlightenment. Reviewing the information will help you in knowing what works best for you.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are paid messages that are targeted based on the profile information of the users. They come in wide varieties by which you can choose to advertise your page, post (s), website, or much more on Facebook. They work best for:

  • Entrepreneurs of every level, be it managers, self-employed, investors, or otherwise.

  • Businesses that have their targeted audiences on social media.

Six Ads

Six Ads is a Shopify app that lets you run your ads on Instagram, Google, and Facebook. Both small and medium-sized businesses are getting ample benefits from this platform by advertising in the right direction. It is best to choose when:

  • Businesses that have tangible products to sell.

  • Entrepreneurs who do not have sufficient time to perfect their ads.

  • Businesses who have their online stores at Shopify.

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for an accessible platform for advertising their brand.

Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)

Bing ads serve around 639 million users worldwide and are a great source of targeting maximum people. These ads are shown on all the Microsoft devices, platforms, and partner websites, like Info Space, The Wall Street Journal, etc. These ads work best for:

  • Businesses whose targeted audience is at least 34 years old earn at least 40,000 dollars per year.

  • Online businesses like E-commerce, B2C, B2B, etc.

Amazon Ads

Amazon ads improve brand awareness and product visibility to the extent that people turn to these ads to buy the products. These ads gather valuable insights from customers’ perspectives to maximize their outreach. It is best to choose Amazon ads when:

  • Your business sells tangible products online.

  • Your business is already selling its products on Amazon, and you want to expand your brand for more sales.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are a powerful marketing tool for promoting businesses through sponsored posts and other methods. It is an excellent source of generating business leads and better online recognition of your brand. It is best to choose these ads when:

  • You have a flourishing business in the B2B sector.

  • You run a SaaS-oriented business model and want post boosting.

  • You are interested in event advertising and want to directly reach out to customers via personal messages in their inboxes.

Final Thoughts

There are many alternatives to Google ads that can significantly facilitate you, especially if you integrate more channels for advertising. This will help you find a larger audience for your business and eventually lead to more sales. However, there is no doubt that Google ads are the best advertising platform for maximum outreach. So, why not master its tactics to outgrow your business?

What Is Google Ads? How Does Google Ads Work?
Tips for Running Google Ad Campaigns

Running a successful ad campaign requires innovative strategies and clever management. You can’t expect to throw in a certain amount of money and get better leads. Instead, it will be rewarding if you do some background market research and plan your moves accordingly. This article will talk about expert tips for running Google ad campaigns that you shouldn’t ignore, especially if you are looking for an increased ROI (Return on Investment).

1. Define Your Goals, From Generic to Specific.

Take your time to think through your business’s fundamental goals and advertising needs. Start from the big picture and develop generic goals first. Then, narrow them down to have a clear mindset. Once you have decided upon your ultimate goal, you can start planning the required action needed for a successful ad campaign. Here are a few tips on how to set a clear goal for Google ads:

  • Have realistic, specific, and achievable goals.

  • It is better to define goals before building the ad campaigns.

  • Measure the quality score and test your plans accordingly.

2. Do Not Mislead Your Customers at Any Cost.

It is always better to design your ad from the customers’ perspective. Never mislead your customers. Create ads by providing accurate information and make each ad group entirely relevant to the landing page. Keep the following things in mind in this regard.

  • Make sure your ad has clear pricing and has well-stated delivery charges (if required).

  • Do not exaggerate the performance of any product. Please keep it simple and accurate.

  • Use qualifying texts with clarity. Do not hide it to deceive the customers.

3. Keep Doing Thorough Research to Understand Your Target Audience.

Thorough research is the key to running successful ad campaigns. Utilize it thoroughly to understand your target audience. For this purpose, do the following practices:

  • Know your competitors and see how they are running their ad campaigns?

  • See the types of sites your targeted audience is inclined towards and on which they spend most of their time. Check out the site’s language and the style of reaching out to their clients.

  • Conduct market research and create a quantitative survey to be sure.

4. Input Negative Keywords for Better Results.

Negative keywords are helpful to avoid words that seem inappropriate or the ones with which you don’t need to affiliate. The negative keyword refines your traffic and maximizes the conversions. A few pro tips in this regard are listed below:

  • Explore the market trends to figure out the keywords that are incompatible with your business model.

  • Add the suitable negatives using tools like the ‘search terms report’ and the ‘keyword planner.’

  • Add appropriate negative keywords type, i.e., phrase, broad, or exact match as per your business need.

5. Give Special Importance to Data Analytics.

Google data analytics help gain better insights and generate ad reports which are imperative for every business growth. From impression to conversion, data analytics give a more precise and clear understanding of the user path. A few tips for running successful ad campaigns via Google Analytics are listed below:

  • Link your Google ads account with Google analytics.

  • Use Google analytics data wisely to check the quality of your ads.

  • Also, enable auto-tagging for a comprehensive understanding of Google ads.

6. Add Extensions to Enhance Your Ad’s Visibility.

Another pro tip is to embrace extensions by adding them directly in your ad. Specify your information such as your:

  • Location.

  • Ad features.

  • Products.

  • Sales promotion.

Ad extensions have numerous advantages, specifically for running ad campaigns. They increase the ad’s visibility and bring in lower cost per click, higher click-through rate, and help in ad personalization. They provide significant assistance in improving the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns.

Running a successful ad campaign requires innovative strategies and clever management. You can’t expect to throw in a certain amount of money and get better leads. Instead, it will be rewarding if you do some background market research and plan your moves accordingly.

7. Maximize Your Conversions.

Conversion tracking is essential because they aid in revealing the performance of ads and listings. For successful ad campaigns, it is vital to maximizing your conversion rate to expand your business growth. Maximize your conversions by:

  • Removing distractions and use specific keywords.

  • Adding testimonials, logos, and reviews to improve your ad’s position in the customers’ eyes.

  • Adding a pop-up to your site as well as a live chat.

  • Optimizing the Google ad conversions to improve the ad’s functioning.

8. Test and Retest.

The ads campaign has to be carefully monitored and tested. Remember, running ads campaign is not always constant. New market trends frequently come, and you need to adjust as per the customers’ demands. A few good tips on this aspect are listed below.

  • Try slight variations on keywords, landing page, ad copy, etc.

  • A Google ads course can also be of great help.

  • You can also hire a Google ads agency for guidance.

  • Measure everything to find out metrics for costs, click-throughs, or impressions. These metrics will help you in knowing the rationale behind such changes.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the above tips, things can turn out better. Analyze and apply them to run your subsequent Google ad campaigns without any doubt. Last but not least, pay considerable attention to the recent market trends to get along.


What is Google Ads?

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